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The prices of the world markets of the foodstuffs

Protection of copyrights in China stimulates a rise in prices in Chicago

American - the Chinese conflict concerning protection of the copyrights, accepted past week especially acuity, first delivered many the unpleasant moments to dealers wheat. As it is known, certain hopes of dealers of growth of volumes of deliveries of American wheat to China within the limits of the program subsidised with the government of the USA were one of the important factors supporting stability in the market of wheat. Promises to enter economic sanctions against China with which Washington has acted, and reciprocal promises of Beijing not to be in debt have given magnificent chance to players on the fall, becoming more active recently in the market. Quotations of future contracts on wheat have started to fall promptly enough. Besides, the bear spirit At the auctions by wheat has definitely affected and a situation in the soya and corn market. Objective bull factors, truth, have prevented cardinal change of a spirit, but falling of the prices for wheat effectively enough constrained a rise in prices of March contracts on a soya and corn.
however, by a weekend the situation has changed again: the Department of agriculture of the USA has made rather optimistical statement. Its essence was reduced to that till June, 30th it will be allowed to China to get in addition 1 million tons of wheat within the limits of the program of development of export as from the beginning of current contract year (since July of last year) it has already got originally stipulated 3 million tons. Besides at this time have started to arrive and messages that the Chinese and American representatives are ready to continue negotiations about protection of copyrights, so, the situation not so and is hopeless. The prices for wheat as though, have started to rise again, and, according to local experts, the tendency to their growth becomes stronger with each session.