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The restaurant criticism

Are glad to inform that in Moscow there was one more new restaurant, and not idle time, and Gold . The new institution has settled down in very successful place - directly opposite to hotel Ukraine . The second indisputable plus of new restaurant - an excellent interior. Besides, Gold has own brewery where makes three grades of beer on the Austrian technology. As to kitchen it, alas, does not apply for an exclusive though it is not deprived Russian validity and good quality. Our correspondent DARYA - TSIVINA shares the impressions after visit in Gold .

Agree, Gold rather strange name for restaurant. There is in it something excited, hysterical and zapoloshnoe. Say, ah you gold my, beloved, diamond!. Sokolik you my emerald, kasatik jahontovyj!. But so it seems only first while you have not got in new restaurant and have not examined its hall. The matter is that they really gold, more truly, golden. And it is a question not of heavy depressing gilding, and about natural golden tones of a tree and reserved furnish of decorative details. The cores of tone of an interior - it is dark - dark blue and gold. Graceful chairs of a light tree, it is dark - dark blue cloths falling on a floor, easy partitions with mirrors, smart ultramarine curtains with gilt brushes, white walls, pictures in gilt frames, a long wooden rack of the bar, sparkling bottles and beer cranes. In general, not too it is a lot of gold, but a spacious long hall as if precious metal, itself radiates any noble light. It is full of that easy lustre which is so natural and organic for the aristocrat, is however inaccessible to the commoner. The main hall Gold It is at all deprived susalnoj pretentiousness, and its this basic advantage. Too it is possible to tell and about a small hall with a separate input and five cosy little tables divided by graceful partitions. That you had a definitive impression about noble shape Gold I will add that the interior of this restaurant is created by the Austrian firm ABV which finished also all three restaurants five-stars the Oriental carpet - hotel . Now it is enough to you to remember luxurious Vienna practical Lomonosov and stylish the Anchor to present, as looks Gold .
Especially it would be desirable to tell about restaurant laying. Excellent limozhsky porcelain - snow-white plates with dark - a dark blue border, graceful mozelsky crystal with gilt furnish, the silver tableware, sparkling floor buckets for champagne, snow-white linen napkins in graceful crystal rings - all looks very adequately and respectably. The special glamour gives to laying a firm monogram Gold engraved on devices and printed on ware.
the restaurant has own Austrian brewery and makes three grades of beer - light Pils and Marzen and dark Helles. Beer prepares from malt and specially grown up yeast. On taste - very easy and rather tasty. But whether here it was necessary to get Gold own brewery - a question disputable. The matter is that thanks to the external data this restaurant quite could apply for the status of a high quality institution. And such restaurants should not cook beer, even on personal Austrian brewery. Here if it was a question of a beer institution, then - quite another matter. However, own brewery and firm beer - not a unique oversight Gold . The restaurant menu also not too is in harmony with its shape.
in Gold have created the standard Russian menu which has been not deprived of fashionable trends in the form of numerous gifts of the sea, but also not relieved of old regime culinary foundations. The choice of snack is reduced to several salads from sea gifts, to caviar, stuffed tomatoes, boiled sturgeon, a fresh-salted salmon, a jellied pig, hepatic paste. Among soups - soljanki, borsches, broths. Hot snack represent a classical set zhjulenov and kokilej - from crabs, shrimps, a pike perch. The choice of dishes from sea gifts is wide enough - shrimps in garlick sauce, shrimps Clear and eat sea combs in sauce provansal A lobster boiled in fault (it, by the way, rather netraditsonnyj a way of preparation of a lobster), a cocktail from seafood, crabs boiled, roast from an octopus. All these sea delicacies are perfectly combined with beer. On the one hand, it is, of course, good. But if to consider that in Gold rather worthy wine card it would be possible to think from lobsters and octopuses something is more interesting, specially under glass Chablis. Dishes from fish also are prepared under classical Russian recipes. It is sturgeon boiled and fri a pike perch on - polski, fried and pripushchennaja a trout. Language beef with maderoj, fried pork rebryshki, pork chop, shnitsel on - venski, a cutlet from veal with vegetables is offered to fans of meat. The most nourishing meat dish considers roast Transylvania consisting of three big pieces of beef, veal and pork. As to chicken meat the close neighbourhood with " here has affected; Ukraine . Legendary cutlets on - kievski, and also shnitsel and less known cutlet in wide ranges " are offered visitors; Maria - Louises filled with a chicken liver.
Certainly, such assortment of dishes is absolutely quite good and could confer an honour to many Moscow restaurants (including the distressful neigbour Ukraine ) . But if it is a question not about simple, and about Gold restaurant, from it and demand special. To cutlets on - kievski in its menu there is absolutely nothing to do. The same as and shnitselju from a fillet of hens ...

Restaurant Gold (****) receives in our rating an appreciation thanks to an interior and layings. The prices in Gold are high. A sturgeon boiled - $25, a pig jellied - $18, crabs baked with cheese - $28, a borsch an Ukrainian - $12, roast from an octopus - $35, sturgeon in hot fan - $25, roast Transylvania - $34, rebryshki pork fried - $20, cutlets on - kievski - $20, a strawberry with whipped cream - $15. In a wine list Italian wines, a worthy choice of French wines are widely presented. For payment is accepted American Express. The restaurant works from 12 o`clock to 2 o`clock in the morning.

the restaurant address: Kutuzovsky pr - t, d. 3/ 5. Phone: (095 243 - 42 - 24, 243 - 65 - 40.