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Report MEES on manufacture of oil of the OPEC

Limping discipline forces to limp and the prices

Attempts of oil cartel to put under rigid control pricing in the oil world market often enough become a theme for discussion. More and more obviously, as without that the weakened positions of the OPEC in the world market (repeatedly informed on tendency rather dangerous to cartel - increase of volumes of extraction and oil export by independent manufacturers, first of all in the North Sea), become even more vulnerable. The countries entering into cartel in any do not wish to adhere to quotas of export and extraction of raw materials which they for themselves and have established. The data published recently about the January oil recovery, extended by agencies Reuter and Dow Jones, shows, as in the first month of this year the situation has not undergone serious changes.

In London the report on January levels of oil extracting of the OPEC, prepared by analysts " is published; the Near-Eastern economic review (Middle East Economic Survey - MEES). According to MEES, in January of this year the OPEC countries it was extracted in total 24,84 million barrels of crude oil a day (/) that would be a little below December level in 25 million/ d. However instead of being glad for cartel to which managed to achieve so impressive at first sight a victory, experts, as one would expect, made comments on this event sceptically enough. In - the first - and this main remark - decrease in volumes of extracted oil in any way could not be attributed to good will of participants of cartel: experts MEES have noticed that oil slump in production in Iran (on 155 thousand/) and in Nigeria (on 40 thousand/) became the reason of fall of volumes of the general oil recovery. Thus, at least in Nigeria, it occurred on not dependent on petromanufacturers forsmazhornym to the reasons.
as already informed, to Nigerian oil became less from - for a January fire on the sea platform Ubit which operator is company Mobil. Oil recovery on a platform, according to experts MEES, hardly will begin before the middle of March. At the expense of a fire and falling of manufacture of Nigeria it was possible to carry out of the obligations and to make 1,865 million barrels of oil a day, as made its quota. It is necessary to remember that the previous good luck of the OPEC on observance of with own hand established quotas (autumn of last year) has occurred too thanks to Nigeria and strike of local petrogetters.
in - the second, has not passed not noticed and that fact, what even at curtailment of production of oil by two large manufacturers (Nigeria and Iran take the first places in the OPEC list), the established general quota (24,52 million/) all - taki has been exceeded. Except Nigeria and Iran, undertaken Saudi Arabia and Kuwait while Venezuela, Gabon, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Libya, under certificate MEES, have considered observance of a quota by business unessential could observe only.
it is possible that in itself data MEES and could not render powerful influence on the prices as it occurs now, but simultaneously agencies have informed and on proceeding growth of oil recovery in the North Sea. Therefore latest developments on trading platforms where oil literally daily becomes cheaper, most likely, will appear characteristic for all year.