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Session of the government 1

Gamblings with World bank and GATT/ the WTO proceed

One of the central questions of yesterday`s session of the government there was a discussion of results of foreign trade activities in 1994. Summarising is interesting also in itself, but that will follow it is much more interesting. And the basic conclusion made yesterday the government, consists that the person of the external economic regulation should be defined in the course of preparation of new round of negotiations as with external creditors and their leader - IMF (as more recently these negotiations have been interrupted), and with GATT/ the WTO.

Cost results of foreign trade in 1994 impress. Both in export, and in import (with calculations in HARD CURRENCY) it was observed growth, and balance more actively in comparison with 1993 on $2 billion However especially it began not necessary to be under a delusion. It is enough to tell that if export cost has grown on 8,4 % the physical volume of export of oil has increased for the same period by 11,3 %, oil products - on 10,6 %, gas - on 13,6 %, pig-iron - on 50,3 %, nitric fertilizers - on 20,7 %. And the share of cars and the equipment in export was even more reduced - with 6,8 to 5 %. So it is not necessary to speak about growth of efficiency of export. Nevertheless currency receipts from export have made in $1994 36,8 mlrd that on 2/ 3 more volumes of receipts of 1993 - $22,1 billion By the way, volume currency export - $48 mlrd so or barter, either compensatory deliveries practises this sphere, or the currency does not hurry up to return to Russia.
statistics, of course, a thing useful, but the government, naturally, was not limited zaslushivaniem the report vitse - the prime minister and the minister of external economic relations Oleg Davidov. At session important estimations of the future tariff and not tariff regulation of foreign trade activities have sounded also. It is characteristic that they were resulted by Andrey Vavilov (Ministry of Finance), Evgenie Yasin (Ministry of Economics), Leonid Bochin (Antimonopoly committee), but not representatives of Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations.
the essence of offers is reduced to the following. Negotiations from IMF, it appears, have stopped not so much from - for doubts of fund in a reality of the project of the Russian budget, how many from - for ambiguities of the further destiny spetseksporterov which the government promised to World bank to liquidate from the beginning of 1995 (Andrey Vavilov`s version). In this connection it decided to use a fortnight pause in negotiations from IMF for preparation of the next memorandum in which the government will continue the chronicle for a long time the declared death spetseksporterov. Guarantees of that the new memorandum will be not not comprehended by destiny previous which the government directed to the same address in September of last year, no.
At session were discussed and more depressing participants of foreign trade activities plans. So, Evgenie Yasin, recognising that the formally average rate of the import tariff makes 13,2 %, and actually raised - 5,6 % (mainly at the expense of privileges), has suggested not to lower the duty (that would be logical), and on the contrary, to lift. It is expected that increase will mention first of all the foodstuffs, and also the goods carried to luxury goods. The motivation - is better to lift rates before the introduction in GATT/ the WTO that then, in the course of negotiations, to depart on in advance prepared positions of concessions. It is necessary to be consoled only in that losses of the Russian importers will be as while promise, short.
the leitmotif of the governmental discussion has sounded in Victor Tchernomyrdin`s who has acted at session phrase which has thanked IMF what it is the engine of the Russian liberalisation.