Rus News Journal

Session of the government 2

the Governmental plan of measures on securities market development in 1995:

on March, 1st. To present the plan - the schedule of sale of actions of the privatised enterprises which holder are property funds, and to publish it till April, 1st; to present the governmental order project about issue of the state bonds of subjects of federation and municipal bonds; to define a replacement procedure of certificates on deposition of actions on registered stocks
on March, 10th. To confirm an order of participation of non-residents in acquisition of securities of the Russian emitters and to present offers on creation of guarantee fund for registrars and depozitarno - clearing service
on March, 15th. To present the list of the federal state enterprises, privatizeable till the end of the year, and to publish it till April, 1st
on April, 1st. To confirm the documents regulating standards of prospectuses of issue of securities of not state emitters, a procedure for registration of these prospectuses of issue and granting of the reporting of emitters following the results of issue
on May, 1st. To check up observance of requirements of the legislation on conducting the register of shareholders of the joint-stock companies created in the course of privatisation; to confirm functioning standards it is settlement - depozitarnoj systems; to prepare offers on modification of an order of the taxation of operations with state bonds of subjects of federation and municipal bonds, and also incomes of legal bodies of operations with these papers
on June, 1st. To confirm the documents, concerning licensings of investment institutes, to develop the decree project About the self-adjustable organisations of participants of a securities market
on July, 1st. To confirm the program of creation of the Russian telecommunication share system as noncommercial organisation
on September, 1st. To hold interbranch and inter-regional meetings on the organisation of new issues of actions of joint-stock company; to confirm substantive provisions about the extrabalance account of operations and depozitarno - clearing calculations under securities
on November, 1st. To develop changes in the accounting rules, connected with features of accounting of operations with securities and calculations on them