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Tax problems of army

Sneaks attack army

After October, 1993 many have considered that in quality of gratitude for a capture of the White house the generals will achieve sharp increase in military expenses. Has not achieved. With the beginning of military operation in the Chechen Republic it became obvious that expenses under article national defence on an order will increase. However the Moscow starry generals, it is possible, simple for fear before the Supreme power, assure that armed forces for the confirmed limits do not leave: the chief of back Vladimir Churanov has declared that army will manage available means . In the meantime a situation in army bottoms gets a menacing shade.

on February, 6th the commander 2 - j a Guards Tamansky motor-shooting division (it often name elite political - The division entered into Moscow in August 91 - go, October 93 - go, now the regiment from its structure is in the Chechen Republic) the general - major Valery Evnevich has directed to the address of the commander of armies of the Moscow military district Leontija Kuznetsova the official report. The general has reported that after withdrawal by tax police of Narofominsky area of the means transferred into account to a division for payment of the salary to the military man on account of the tax from owners dorozhno - vehicles (DTS), in its part has developed difficult socially - political conditions . Komdiv informs on threats from tax services to collect from commanders of parts penalties in volume of 100 salaries and to deliver in tax police force.
According to the current legislation, all DTS really are subject to the taxation without any exceptions for military units. However for February, 7th the state debts only MVO make 460 mlrd roubles, including 11 mlrd on a monetary contentment. The money transferred in the Tamansky division for payment of the January salary to the military man also have been withdrawn by tax police. Military men are perplexed, who to whom should. The resolution of ordering district on the telephone message of Evnevicha is sustained in the extremely rigid style: not to transform military units into double-exit courtyards. I forbid to show office activity of parts and the more so to make out and sign on myself penal sanctions.
however tax services were not limited to withdrawal of the January salary of military men. Contrary to the official explanations of the State tax service co-ordinated with the deputy minister of the finance by Sergey Aleksashenko, the tax police demands from military men of payment of taxes for production priusadebnyh economy of military units in the same Narofominsky garrison and objects MO in Mulino (Nizhniy Novgorod region) that contradicts the law About the profit tax of the enterprises and the organisations and to the decree of the president from 22. 12. 93. Past year from accounts not less political the Kantemirovsky division it has been removed more than 73 million roubles, and from the military unit account #68527 - 55 million roubles as penal sanctions. Thus MVO, according to the government decision, carries out sending of the agricultural products to the Chechen Republic. For it, according to tax police, probably, also the tax should be paid.
Besides, as have declared to the correspondent in staff MVO, from some parts demand, for example, to pay for the militia maintenance that in general it is absurd: it turns out that one budgetary power structure should contain another.
after input of armies to the Chechen Republic, only the lazy does not demand army reforming . But almost nobody remembers that, how many it can cost. Struggle for the budget of 1995 in a heat, but it is already obvious that generals once again lose it. Till now officers, being indignant and porugivajas about itself, went both to Moscow, and to the Chechen Republic. Whether will go next time, and if yes, where - the big question. As well as that, in what will pour out difficult socially - political conditions in parts situated near Moscow.