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Results of visit of head of Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations to Yugoslavia

Oleg Davidov: sanctions play into the hands of forces of war

the Problem of removal of the sanctions entered in 1992 of UNSF concerning Union republic Yugoslavia (SRJU), disturbs not only Belgrad. By words vitse - a premiere of Russia Oleg Davidov who has finished on Wednesday working visit in SRJU, sanctions have antihumane character and negatively affect aspiration of two countries to develop economic cooperation.

the problem of expansion of deliveries of the Russian gas was the Basic question of negotiations with management SRJU. During visit the agreement defining an order and volumes of its deliveries till 2010 has been signed. The main result of negotiations, according to Davidov, creation became standard - legal base further (after cancellation of sanctions) economic cooperation. The parties have agreed about working out in the near future agreements on deliveries of the Russian oil and building of the main gas pipeline in southern Serbia. Besides, arrangements on participation of the Russian experts in reconstruction of the enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy and power SRJU and building of the Belgrad underground have been reached.
according to Davidov, priorities of the Russian export on - former there are energy carriers, cars and the equipment, and Yugoslavian - medicines, foodstuff and consumer goods. At negotiations the question and on an exchange of technologies was discussed. In particular, Russia is ready to share the workings out used in military and space areas. Yugoslavs have become interested in possibility to take part in conversion Russian VPK.
However the majority of the economic agreements signed and preparing for signing can come into force only after cancellation of sanctions of the United Nations. Russian vitse - the prime minister has subjected to the sharp criticism of action of committee on sanctions of UNSF, which within two years forbids deliveries of natural gas from Russia in Yugoslavia for the humanitarian purposes . As he said, the friendship of our people and mutual relations should not depend on committee on the sanctions with which position we are dissatisfied . Under messages ITAR - TASS, in conversation with the president of Serbia Slobadan Milosevic Davidov has noted the positive relation of Moscow to possibility of cancellation of sanctions. vitse - the prime minister has expressed on behalf of the Russian government support to efforts of the Yugoslavian authorities in business of settlement of the Bosnian crisis. According to Davidov, preservation of sanctions only postpones settlement of crisis and stimulates the forces supporting continuation of war . Russia, as he said, as the great power and the important international factor does not wish to participate in this erroneous policy . After that Milosevic should express satisfactions results of visit of the Russian delegation, having underlined that SRJU attaches special significance to strengthening of economic relations with Russia .