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Political situation in Poland

In a pack left there was a joker

Yesterday in the morning results of night vigils of leaders of ruling coalition of Poland - the Union of democratic left forces (SDLS) and the Polish peasants party (PKP) became known: instead of Valdemar Pavljaka on a post of the prime minister decided to offer the marshal of a diet of Juzefa Oleksu. The recommended nominee should pass the statement in parliament and meet with approval of the president.

the Instinct of self-preservation at left it has appeared more strongly ambitions: leaders of ruling coalition have decided to concede threatened to dismiss parliament to the president and to forget about promises to give Valensu under tribunal . As a result - unloved the patriarch of the Polish democracy of Pavljak had appeared in a role of the sacrificial innocent person. Promotion of Oleksy on a post of the head sovmina became even for the majority of participants of an emergency meeting a bolt from the blue: Earlier to premieres designated the leader of the largest fraction of parliament - SDLS Alexander Kvasnevsky (his name Valensa named also), said even about the head of Joint Staff Tadeushe Viletsky. However, hearings about appointment of the general have soon been denied. The marshal (speaker) of a diet has learnt about appointment only at meeting, and, on hearings, to management SDLS costed considerable efforts to persuade it to agree on so risky step. It was hard to incline and management PKP to leave a portfolio of premieres - the minister - during session to leaders SDLS was necessary to make a long break for unofficial conversations tete - a - tete with colleagues from PKP. As a result left have among themselves got on, having settled that the place of Oleksy in parliamentary presidium will occupy today`s vitse - the marshal of a diet from PKP Juzef Zyh (according to the arrangement, portfolios of premieres - the minister and the speaker of a diet are divided between coalition groupings). Whether
It is possible to consider a choice of the new candidate for premieres as a victory of Valensy? More likely - is not present. Valensa, in essence, achieved not change of the head of the office, and split of the left forces. It has not turned out: panove, on the contrary, have managed to smooth available contradictions, to agree and lost-free to spend castling. Hence, and distribution of portfolios can pass in the new government without special problems - to mutual pleasure of members of the left coalition. Then Valense will not be possible, having played on disagreements in their camp, to advance ugodnyh to it candidates. Hopes of the former leader of Solidarity that the prime minister becomes Kvasnevsky have not justified also. As considered many, the president supports it counting on that leader SDPL as whom consider as the main contender Valensy on elections, will have time to compromise itself on this post much earlier. Probably, therefore and not taken place prime minister Kvasnevsky (declared on Monday that is ready to incur these duties) does not show signs of disappointment. On the contrary - it is affable with journalists, willingly explains the further procedure of the statement of head sovmina. As he said, the constitutional procedure " now is necessary; a constructive vote of no confidence to the government in a diet. It consists that, suggesting to withdraw one structure of an office, the coalition there and then puts forward new the prime minister - the minister, which else it is necessary to generate the government.
that the parliament will show loyalty to the offered prime minister very few people doubts. That to Valensy - here business another: the president has appeared in rather ambiguous position. If he does not approve the candidate and will go on the further strain of relations with a coalition risks to draw upon itself reproaches in deliberate deepening of political crisis. And it is the big risk before elections, as a rating of Valensy and without that now the lowest for all five years of presidency.