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The mortgage program of the Savings Bank (real estate)

For today in the Moscow market of real estate for $50 thousand can be bought:

- big (a total area 40 2) one-room apartment in Stalin the house on prestigious highways of a city (the Leningrad prospectus, Leninsky prospect and so forth) ;
- decent (the improved lay-out in the panel house, a total area 50 - 52 2) two-room apartment, for example, in western or severo - the western disctrict of the city;
- three-room apartment in type houses five-storey apartment blocks in jugo - east disctrict of the city. Thus today many realtor firms offer habitation acquisition by instalments with an initial payment (after which entering it is already possible to be installed in apartment) - 30 - 50 % from apartment cost;
- the small wooden house far enough from Moscow. Cost of brick comfortable houses which, as a rule, are under construction in limits tridtsatikilometrovoj zones round Moscow, exceeds this sum several times. Acquisition of ready cottages by instalments is already enough widespread today (for example, through the company Red gate and bank Oil ) . Crediting is conducted under the same scheme, as at purchase of apartments in Moscow. Average cost mortgage the credit in Moscow makes 25 - 30 % annual in currency.