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Results of activity Ricoh in Russia

Riches Ricoh will grow Siberia

To active business in the Russian market company Ricoh - the known manufacturer of copy technics - has started one year ago. From now on Japanese were reoriented from state structures on private dealer firms. The effect from strategy change is available: according to the manager who has visited Moscow of department of international distributions Ricoh of Ivao Ueda (Iwao Ueda), turn Ricoh has grown in comparison with 1993 on 50 % and has made $15 million

the First kopiry Ricoh have appeared in Russia in 1985 after signing by firm and Japanese trading house Mitsui of the distribution agreement. Mitsui most advantageously worked with the foreign trade structures of the former USSR. In particular, not bad there were transactions under the threefold clearing scheme: India - Japan - Russia. The technics was delivered on account of the Indian debts of Russia, and India paid off with raw materials with Japan. According to the director of department of electronic equipment Mitsui Anatoly Sazonov, in 1989 from $30 million, which USSR spent for purchase kopirov, on share Ricoh 40 % were necessary. On this indicator the firm conceded only Rank Xerox. However the debugged marketing schemes have ceased to work after 1991.
having handed over the Russian market to the basic competitors, Ricoh and Mitsui were engaged in resuscitation of the business only in the end of 1993. Last year Mitsui created a dealer network in Moscow, has spent some dealer seminars, and in the autumn Japanese undertook and a province. In Novosibirsk the consignment warehouse, which creation has opened, considers g - n Ueda, became possible thanks to achievements of the local wholesaler, taken a lath 200 kopirov in a month. G - n Ueda hopes that warehouse opening will help to change a situation in the Siberian market on which while mark Canon, in favour of Ricoh is in the lead.
the Big anxiety to representatives Ricoh delivers parallel import kopirov their firms to Russia. By their estimations, a share grey the market makes 30 % from official sales. One of ways of struggle with grey firm service is - it is inaccessible to them. And the relation to service at Ricoh the traditional: the firm aspires to sell so much technics, how many in a condition to serve firm service.