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Railwaymen of Italy have blocked neighbouring countries

In a past week-end in Italy there has passed planned strike of workers of a railway transportation. Thus railwaymen have decided to express the disagreement with preparing pension reform which assumes increase in the working experience for a retirement. The action has begun in 21. 00 local time on Saturday also has ended in 21. 00 on Sunday. The management of the Italian state railways has informed that every second train is cancelled. Strike was reflected in the message between the major centres of the country - Rome and Milan, and also Rome and Naples. Besides, 40 % of trains of distant following that has affected the international message have been cancelled. Railway transportation movement in the countries next to Italy - Germany, Switzerland and Austria has been broken. Only on a site around Brennersky pass in the Alpes through which trains follow through Tirol to Vienna, Salzburg and Munich, on Saturday it has been cancelled at once six passenger trains. In Carinthia, whence trains go to Venice, Udine and Trieste, movement of all electric trains has been cancelled.