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Post-Soviet history Truths

on August, 22nd, 1991 there was Boris Yeltsin`s decree about a suspension of the edition of newspapers of the CPSU, including Truths .
on August, 31st, 1991 the Ministry of Press of RSFSR had been registered the newspaper Truth its founder was the journalistic collective, and Gennady Seleznev became the editor-in-chief. In July, 1992 Gennady Seleznev and the Greek businessmen brothers of Jannikosami had been created Joint-Stock Company Truth interneshnl become by the publisher Truths . On October, 5th, 1993 there was Boris Yeltsin`s new decree about a suspension of the edition of some newspapers, including Truths .
on October, 28th, 1993 the edition Truths has renewed. Its new editor-in-chief Victor Linnik has declared that no obligations at edition before the Greek party are present; February, 1994 - a management Truths interneshnl has appointed the editor-in-chief of the newspaper of Alexander Ilyin. In March, 1995 of Joint-Stock Company Truth interneshnl has registered a weekly journal Truth - 5 become since July, 1996 the daily edition, release Truths has been stopped.
in 1997 Victor Linnik starts to publish own newspaper Truth .
In March, 1998 the newspaper edition " has renewed; Truth under the direction of Alexander Ilyin. Its publisher became Joint-Stock Company newspaper Edition ` Truth ` . Truth became body of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In August, 1998 the newspaper Truth - 5 has stopped existence, and the Savelovsky court of capital recognised that Victor Linnik has no right to publish the Truth .
In 1999 group of journalists Truths Not adjoined to one of the conflict parties, has created the Internet - the edition Truth. ru .