Rus News Journal

Off side

George Jartsev, the head coach of Russian national team:
- Under my management football players of Russian national team in three matches have made everything that could. They managed to reanimate a national team, and they have proved that have the right to put on a national team vest.
as to direct games with Georgia the first blow of contenders has shown that players obviously are nervous, therefore we and have passed the first. It is natural that the motivation at us was other-wordly in spite of the fact that for the Georgian national team the match had no tournament value. Our contenders - presented and masterovitye the football players acting in good European clubs, also it was clear that they it is simple so a victory to us will not give. Besides we have met certain difficulties: to a trauma it was added also high temperature at one of Alexey Smertin`s the best our players who has not been brought even in the demand for a match.
it is glad that was not mistaken in replacements. Marata Izmaylov`s game which operated above all praises has especially pleased me.
in a locker room after a match the mixed feelings reigned: on the one hand, pleasure from a victory over the Georgian command, and with another - special euphoria was not, as the main task is not solved. Swisses have won the match against modular Ireland - 2:0 and directly left in a final part of Euro - 2004, and butt matches still are coming us. Though even before game we have decided not to pay special attention to a match Switzerland - Ireland. After all we had problems, at them - the. And as it was necessary for destiny so all and has developed.

Merab Zhordanija, the head coach of modular Georgia:
- the command which more than it wanted Has won. Russia was today really more strongly us. Before a match I have told to the football players that first of all it is important to us to keep honour and advantage. And in spite of the fact that we support the Russian national team, is simple so to give points did not gather.

Egor Titov, the halfback of Russian national team:
- that I acted at unusual fourth number, did not confuse me. The matter is that Dima Bulykin which have made het - trik in game with Swisses, has left to itself a lucky vest with the ninth number. On the one hand, me it is very joyful that have won, but with another - it was necessary to leave this group from the first place. Having prolonged itself an European championship qualifying tournament, we are guilty. To me essentially all the same with whom to play butt matches: simple contenders there all the same will not be. All want to get to Portugal. Whether
I trusted in Irish? Trusted, after all at them many the class executors acting in English superiority. About result in Switzerland has learnt for two minutes till the end of a meeting. Also it is a pity that at islanders it has not turned out to help to win first place to us.

Dmitry Sennikov, the defender of Russian national team:
- Georgians have begun dashing that you will not tell about us. They were more raskovanny, rather than we. Very well at them counterattacks as we bared the backs turned out. The third consecutive time we pass the first. I think that it is simple coincidence of circumstances, no more. It is good that we find forces and we recoup. It is bad to begin and well to finish, rather than on the contrary better.

George Demetradze, attacking modular Georgia:
- In the first time we is better operated, but Russians have added in the second. Probably, in an ending we did not have not enough physical preparation. I very much wanted to hammer, but at me it has not turned out. Also it has not turned out to leave at our national team from last place in our selection group. Nevertheless I congratulate Russians that they will continue struggle for the permit in the European championship ending, and I wish them to pass butt matches successfully.