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Scientists assert that over the last ten years the volume of the information which daily falls down our heads, has increased on the average three times. Loading on pupils and the people who are engaged in active cerebration, has grown even more. As a result - an overstrain, stresses. Here - that courses on effective mastering of the information - to fast reading, development of memory and concentration of attention also can be useful. However, good courses to choose not so it is simple.

              Training courses, trainings and techniques on effective mastering of the information there is a large quantity. Them develop and offer the listeners every possible treningovye the centres (the Center of support of corporate development and business), schools of fast reading and memory development - Oleg Andreeva`s School, School of rational reading (SHRCH) and etc. - And even so-called free trainers (author`s courses of Samvela Garibjana).
Such trainings essentially differ on structure, the maintenance, used methods and receptions, duration and etc. Thus work with memory, attention and furthermore ability development quickly and effectively to absorb great volumes of the printing information (fast reading) - processes so thin, as psychologists frequently cannot come to a common opinion - what technique more effectively. What to do by that who in psychology in tooth a foot, and to read with speed of 5 thousand signs in a minute it would be desirable? And not only to read, but also to remember the read?
the main rules two - to be guided by known names and names. And it is obligatory to learn, who will teach. To conduct employment the professional psychologist with good formation at least level of psychological faculty of the Moscow State University should. Though we will make a reservation that there are also exceptions: same Samvel Garibjan has juridical education. But it is single instances.
curriculums can be as licensed, and sharovarnymi - when the author`s technique is not protected by the law (trainings of the Center of testing in the Moscow State University) are that, for example. But in this case as a guarantee the name - the Moscow State University - and the three-year experience of work in the market acts. The licensed courses cause more trust, but also sharovarnye it is not necessary to dismiss. They can be not worse and thus to possess any a highlight and besides to cost cheaper essentially (850 roubles for a course in TST the Moscow State University, for example, against standard $70 - 120). Training cost also depends on the program chosen by you, terms and a mode of training, level of trainers and so forth
Practically individual training everywhere practises. That is if among the offered programs you have not picked up for yourselves necessary or demand special attention to the child - please. You can agree with the trainer/ treningovym the centre and order that is necessary for you, for example training with a stress on memory and imagination. However be going then to lay out for 45 minutes at least $13 - 30.
to Begin training to fast reading, receptions of effective storing, increase of attention the majority of psychologists recommend with 13 - 14 years. At this age listeners are capable to come of training already osoznanno and to be disaccustomed with the maximum advantage for themselves. Victor Kovjazin, TST the Moscow State University: the Main thing - high level of motivation, that is desire to study as time for training has not enough. On the average realised listeners acquire for this period from 30 % of the information, and those whom have dragged by force, - about 10 %. Osoznanno girls from 13 years, and boys of years with 14, in our opinion, can come. But even at this age if the child does not want to study, and the parent insists, we warn at once that it can be the lost money.
the Exception can become for especially exceptional children. We will notice that in Oleg Andreeva`s School accept from 10 years, but not on all programs, but only on initial preparation - the program Sprint . Such approach is caused by a position of the head of school. Oleg Andreev: Problem of our schools and schoolboys that initially give them luggage of knowledge, but do not learn, as this knowledge to acquire correctly and easily. Therefore the earlier the child will start to read and perceive the information correctly, the it will be easier to it further.
we Warn at once: do not hope that after training or employment on courses yours memory and attention automatically become phenomenal. According to trainers, preliminary testing which is spent practically in all educational centres, shows, for example, that the majority of listeners in itself possess good enough memory and attention. But we are not able to use these abilities put by the nature. Therefore the purpose of trainings - is not so much to develop at once yours attention and memory (it is process extremely long and labour-consuming), how many to explain, how it is possible to remember this or that information how it is easier to concentrate attention to this or that object and etc.

Memory and attention
All of us we know that memory can be figurative, emotional, impellent, verbally - logic, any and involuntary and etc. And here is how to use these kinds of memory - a question. It is reasonable that at someone figurative memory, at someone emotional is more developed. Business of the psychologist on training - to help to find such ways of storing which approach you.
Tatyana Nikitin, nejropsiholog, the trainer - the adviser of the Center of support of corporate governance and business (TSPKUB): it is a lot of Techniques and receptions of storing. Unfortunately, we cannot give on courses all possible algorithms for all cases of life. Therefore I in trainings am guided by that each listener in the end of study could think up independently algorithm of storing, let us assume, formulas (which we on employment did not pass). Whatever strange at first sight there was a thought up way if it operates - hurrah.
to Describe that occurs on trainings difficult enough. As the program of each centre, school, and in some cases even courses of different trainers of one centre can differ essentially from each other both on structure, and by a technique, and under the form of giving of a material. Victor Kovjazin: each trainer has methods which to it are closer. Naturally, they also turn out at it more brightly, more interesting. the employment maintenance also depends On a set of these methods and receptions.
for example, the instructor in development of figurative memory of courses Supermemory Alena Brel uses a technique of the psychoplasticity based on interrelation of consciousness and a body in the trainings. That is development of brain activity occurs to the help of the difficult physical movements defined enough (for example, raznonapravlennyh when one hand moves from top to down, and another to the same time from right to left).
And in TSPKUB practise trainings on which children are engaged together with parents. Svetlana Chumakova, general director TSPKUB: Besides, that it is useful and for adults, they, adults, can check performance by children of homeworks. We in the centre have situations when children acquire a material better, than parents.
Each employment, as a rule, is devoted training to work with a certain type of information (words, tables, the text, numbers). Alena Brel: to Remember any number, for example, date of manufacturing the Tsar - guns - 1586 - it is possible, having thought up for each figure the image connected with it. Unit is a gun, in the five it is possible to see a figure of the tsar, the eight - two kernels which lie near to a gun, and the six is a trajectory of flight of one more kernel. And, according to the trainer, than it is brighter, more unexpected and more silly images - that above probability of that the given number will not take off at you from memory. And such receptions set.
separately from all listed there are author`s courses of Samvela Garibjana. In - the first, the author of a technique is not by training the psychologist: he has developed it, being based on a private experience. During study in high school to it have performed operation on sight correction in which result he should not read and write about half a year. It would not be desirable as to pass study, mister Garibjan has decided to remember. Traditional ways were ineffective. Samvel Garibjan, the author of a technique of development of the person and learning of foreign languages: I have thought, it is necessary what to study at the nature. From us children who perceive all figuratively, brightly, emotionally are the closest to the nature. Hence, and to us that it is good to remember, figurativeness is necessary.
As a result of searches of this figurativeness of employment of Samvela Garibjana remind certain show - the program which at times collects halls to 500 - 700 persons more likely. Certainly, in such situation to each participant of training it is not necessary to speak about an individual approach. Want to be engaged individually - it is necessary to pay several times more.
Tasks - corresponding, sometimes amazing with the absurdity. For example: remember the list consisting of 15 different affairs: to buy the newspaper, to be photographed, make a prick to the nurse, to extinguish fires situated near Moscow, to declare war of England and etc. Basically all it it is possible to write down on a paper. But the paper can be lost, in time not catch sight and so forth. Storing reception - to connect these affairs by brighter images. For example, to extinguish fires situated near Moscow and to declare war of England it is possible so: having extinguished fires, we throw still a burning brand towards England and by that we declare to it war. In that case, mister Garibjan considers, these two points precisely remain in memory.
the course purpose - to teach quickly and to remember effectively necessary and to forget the unnecessary information, during the necessary moment to remember selectively necessary information, and also to concentrate attention, to increase speed of thinking and kreativnost. Besides, training to a technique of storing of any foreign words on the basis of absurd associations and Russian words similar on sounding is provided.
variations on a theme of trainings on memory development there can be an infinite set. We will notice that names - trainings on development of memory, attention, fast reading - are conditional enough. In any of them some components - memory and attention, fast reading and memory are combined and etc.

Are readable quickly
Having learnt to read once and for all, putting letters in words, and words in offers, we live with firm confidence that on bolshee we are not capable basically. Also that ability to devour the thick book for half an hour differently as by miracle you will not name. It appears, us learnt incorrectly. Academician Oleg Andreev: At traditional reading we suppose a number of classical errors: our eyes constantly come back to already read offer, the paragraph; Many in the course of reading it is imperceptible for myself pronounce the text lips, at us a small field of vision (we cover a sight not page, and, let us assume, a maximum the paragraph) and absent-minded attention.
to Concentrate attention at school Andreeva learn specifically enough but as all techniques scientifically obosnovanny, are approved and patented, it is necessary not to be surprised, and to follow recommendations. For example, here widely use such exercise: every evening it is necessary to look certain time without coming off on a green point and to try about what the friend thus not to think. And then at once to go to bed.
Andrey`s mister accents that techniques bystrochtenija, concentration of attention, the developments of memory developed here, not simply give the chance to see the printing text but also to acquire the information containing in it. Andreeva owning a technique in the course of reading as though cuts the unnecessary information, allocating and remembering the main thing. At the heart of this method - system engineering of algorithms of cerebration, that is operations of extraction of the information initially put in the text by the author.
Alexander Pavlov, the author kompiljatsionnogo a method, courses the LAPWING: Training under the program the LAPWING is focused, speaking in images, on honours pupils. That is do not count that on courses of fast reading of your poor child will tighten to normal level. In the LAPWING for training own techniques and operating time are used. a counter the centre - work with small groups (three - four persons), almost individual mode.
at a choice of courses of fast reading too it is easy to be mistaken - the educational centres much, in everyone the technique, complete sets of textbooks and so forth Even fast reading is called in these centres that, for example, rational reading (SHRCH), in the way of effective perception of the information (school Andreeva). Accordingly, and responses it is possible to hear the most different: from admired to absolutely disappointed.
Sergey Krapov, the pupil 11 - go a class: I attended courses of fast reading at the private trainer. As it has appeared, that me interested, - for example, reading of textbooks - a taboo is primary. It is impossible to read in transport and etc. That is in the end result I do not use the received skills.
Vanja Kasyanov, 12 years, the pupil of presidential school for exceptional children, went to school Oleg Andreeva: I have seen Announcement of courses of fast reading of Oleg Andreeva in the newspaper and as I the inventor and me it is necessary to acquire a lot of material, have come here. I have passed Start the Dominant Satori and Ultraslow motion . Now I read with very great speed - page where - that for five seconds. Plus became more attentive. If could admit some grammatical errors in the text now they practically are not present earlier.

Courses on training to fast reading, memory and attention development