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RESO - the Guarantee has entered a confrontation

with Ekaterinburg a daughter

On Friday round the Ekaterinburg insurer Euro - the Asian insurance company (EASK) loud scandal has burst. Its representatives declared that group of the armed persons led by workers RESO - Guarantees tried to grasp a building of the insurer. A management RESO - Guarantees in turn, has accused of armed attack of employees EASK, and its general directors Pavel Lukina - in plunder $560 thousand

      Open Company Euro - the Asian insurance company (EASK) it is created in 1990. In October, 2002 RESO - the Guarantee declared purchase of 88,6 % of shares EASK. The Sum of transaction has made $1,5 million which, according to the parties, have been invested in the Ekaterinburg insurer. As a result of its authorised capital stock has grown from 6 million roubles to 53 million roubles. For the first half of the year 2003 gathering EASK have made $3 million In February, 2003 RESO - the Guarantee has declared secession of participants EASK, having demanded from its management to return the money put up in the company.

According to the co-owner and head EASK Pavel Lukina, event on Friday were developed as follows. In 8. 30 local time in company territory there were two employees RESO - Guarantees - the chief of the department of regional development Anatoly Samoilov and head of one of departments Gennady Torohov - accompanied by support group. it was about ten armed people in camouflages from CHOP ` the Owl - 1 ` - mister Lukin has declared. As he said, gatecrashers have occupied offices of management EASK. In reply to it Pavel Lukin has called police squad. By means of protection and militia it managed to turn out representatives RESO - Guarantees .

Citizen Lukin has set on our representatives of submachine gunners. Meanwhile Anatoly Samoilov since October, 2nd fulfils duties of head EASK, - the general director ` RESO - Guarantees ` Sergey Sarkisov has declared. - and citizen Lukin prevents to carry out to it the duties because on Friday barricaded in the office .

the extraordinary meeting of shareholders EASK on which Pavel Lukin has been released from the duties on October, 2nd has really been held. However last asserts that RESO - the Guarantee since February is not co-owner EASK that is why has no right to hold meeting of shareholders and to make any decisions.

in a management of the Moscow company consider itself on - former as owners EASK. According to Sergey Sarkisov, from $1,5 million from Pavel Lukina they managed to receive only $1 million, and other $560 thousand citizen Lukin by means of false payments and the false seals has deduced through reinsurance procedure in affiliated firms - a something ephemeral . Thus, as have declared in RESO - Guarantees shares for the sum of $1 million have not returned to Pavel Lukinu. on February, 17th we with EASK have signed the report on intentions in which it is fixed that shares come back only after full repayment of the sum enclosed in the company - have explained the actions in RESO - Guarantees .

We thought that citizen Lukin - the decent person, and it has appeared the thief, means, should be imprisoned - Sergey Sarkisov speaks.

Under the law on Open Company, and also according to the charter of our company, we have the right to pay the remained means within six months on termination of financial term, - Pavel Lukin has declared. - That is till July, 1st, 2004 .

Lie, all lie, - is confirmed by Sergey Sarkisov. - we how many time asked it: ` Citizen Lukin, return money `. Since June it took us for a ride the promises .

the Further trials of the party, most likely, will continue in court. RESO - the Guarantee $560 thousand has sent the statement in UBEP the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area about excitation of criminal case upon plunder by Pavel Lukinym And Pavel Lukin has addressed in the Kirov Office of Public Prosecutor and OVD c the statement for an attack of representatives RESO - the Guarantee .