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In list of 497 billionaires living at present on a planet recently published by the American magazine Forbes, - 35 women. And though it only 7 % of total of the richest people of the Earth, analysts mark steady growth of the capitals appearing in female hands. Thus one of the basic sources of female riches - favourable divorce.

Uendi and Krejg Makko
One of the most expensive divorces, known stories, - process between one of pioneers of cellular communication by Krejgom Makko and his wife Uendi. The future spouses have met for the first time, studying as the second year at Stanford University, - they studied there history. In this subject of Uendi it has appeared is more sensible the boy friend and even trained that before examinations. Its efforts have not gone to waste, and right after the successful termination of university in 1974 Krejg and Uendi have got married. It became soon clear that calling of Krejga is at all studying of dusty manuscripts in libraries, and commercial activity - it has rather succeeded in it, becoming one of the most provided people in the world (it agree to data Forbes for 2003, Krejg Makko occupies 147 - e a place in the list of the richest people of the world with a condition in $2,5 mlrd). The personal billions Krejg has hammered together at the expense of successful purchase of small firms of cellular communication which he has sold in 1997 with the big benefit of one of the largest American corporations AT &T. The Aggregate profit under this transaction has made $11,5 billion
However has not passed also year after that as spouses Makko have decided to leave. Rather loud process in which have appeared has followed all who had though any relation at least to one of spouses are got mixed up, beginning from aged mother Krejga and finishing owner Microsoft Bill Gates.
Judicial debate has come to the end with that to the inconsolable spouse has got to $460 million in the form of shares of company Nextel, last acquisition of Krejga Makko. She has managed to dispose well of this money and in 2000 has occupied from $2 mlrd 129 - e a place in the list of the richest people of America. The strangest that after all exposures and threats to each other former spouses remained friends and business partners. It is possible even to tell, adherents: in the end of 90 - h years they have offered some millions on campaign on purpose to set free kasatku Kejko, the played leading role in a film to Release Villi .

Anna Hendrix and Sid Bass
Other woman, managed to get to the list of the richest people at the expense of successful divorce, was Anna Hendrix Bass. After 23 years of comfortable matrimonial life with the Texas billionaire Sidom Richardson Bass the woman of fashion and the patroness of arts has decided that can do without the husband if will manage to convince him to leave a small share of a condition. In 1989 of the spouse have divorced through court. Sid Bass has managed to keep control over mostly riches though has been compelled to leave shares of company Walt Disney for the $5,5 million sum, apartment in New York on the Fifth avenue in cost in $5 million and very quite good collection of works of art raised by Anna Bass on money of the husband. In meeting, in particular, there were pictures Degas and Monet. The total sum of compensation has made $200 million, thus the former spouses have spent $10 million for services of lawyers
Having released from guardianship of the husband, Anna could be given to the passion to philanthropy completely. It has offered to the former school Vassar College in state of New York of $1,5 million and has based school of ballet and an art museum in a city the Fort - Uert, the State of Texas.
the role of the patroness of arts has not prevented Anna Hendrix Bass to increase the riches seized at the husband. In 1996 its condition was estimated in $397 million, and two years later - already in $560 million

Anna Mann and Rupert Merdok
the Most expensive in all world history brachno - monetary relations became divorce of the largest owner of mass-media of Ruperta Merdoka and its first wife Anna Merdok Mann from which he has lived 30 with superfluous years and has brought into the world three children. When in April, 1998 of the spouse have declared that henceforth are going to live separately, it poverglo a securities market in shock. The public legal investigation in court would inevitably be reflected in financial well-being News Corporation - media empires Merdoka so lawyers have advised to it to agree without delays with the conditions which have been put forward by the spouse. Considering that for 30 years of joint life with Anna at Ruperta Merdoka $7,2 mlrd have collected, its requirements were more than modest - all $100 thousand and pair - a three of houses in the USA and Great Britain. Besides, the former spouse has demanded from the media magnate of firm guarantees that its children Elizabeth, Lahlan and James will keep the posts in News Corporation.
All went to the amicable agreement, but here Anna Merdok was reached by hearings that at it for the present the spouse the novel with 32 - the summer employee of Hong Kong TV channel Star TV belonging to it. Besides, Anna has learnt that Rupert met the mistress still before the history with divorce has begun. The offended woman has brought an action and instead of $100 thousand has demanded half of all in common acquired property.
in June, 1999 scandalous divorce case has come to the end with that the former spouse of the media magnate has received $1,7 mlrd, from them $110 million - cash. Besides, Anna Merdok Mann has achieved that in the text of the agreement on divorce have included the special point forbidding to its competitor to hold supervising posts in News Corporation.

Linda Hamilton and James Cameron
to the Well-known Hollywood director James Cameron who has immortalised the name by best sellers Terminator - 1 Terminator - 2 and Titanic its hobby for actresses has cost much. Especially one of them - Linda Hamilton who has acted in film in one of the central roles in films about robots - murderers. The love as it is found in Hollywood, has unintentionally appeared suddenly on shootings of the second Terminatora in 1991, but officially the director and the actress have issued the relations only in 1997 - the m. already left By then in hire Titanic . After its grandiose world success (James Cameron has received laurels of the founder of the profit-making film in the history of cinema - only in the USA Titanic has collected more than $600 million) to Cameron in eager rivalry offered mullions-strong film contracts and consequently at it at all does not remain to time for the wife. For almost one and a half year of marriage they were together months nine, that, however, it has appeared enough to bring into the world the daughter who and has not had time to get acquainted with the father properly.
however, the well-known director by then absolutely other actress - 36 - summer Sjuzi Amis with whom it could co-operate closely on film shootings " much more interested; Titanic .
divorce Process between James Cameron and Linda Hamilton has occupied much less time, than preparation for the introduction into marriage. In 1999 their union has been officially declared by terminated. This pleasure has managed to mister Cameron in $50 million that has made more than half of revenues of hire Titanic . (By the way, Stephen Spielberg`s divorce and its first wife Ejmi Irving became the most expensive in the history of Hollywood. Their marriage has existed four years and has broken up in 1989 therefore Spielberg on $100 million became poorer.)
When between them all was over, Linda Hamilton has expressed the relation to the former spouse, naming it the pity and insignificant grumbler .

Patricia Daff and Ron Perelman
Divorce case of the owner of cosmetic firm Revlon Rhone Perelmana (its condition by the time of the process beginning was estimated by magazine Forbes in $4 mlrd) and its third wife, the active worker of Democratic party Patricia Daff, was much longer, than time of existence of their union. Ron and Patricia, having got acquainted in 1992 on charitable evening, have got married in January, 1995, and a year later and eight months have sued for divorce. Process was stretched for three years, and in this time Daff has managed to lower $3 million on lawyers.
her husband has appeared more economical and has paid to the lawyers three times less. However, on its party there was a law: according to the marriage contract, his wife in case of divorce it was necessary all $30 million However highly paid lawyers Patricia have managed to convince court that so sharp falling of a standard of living will negatively affect a mental condition of her daughter from marriage with Perelmanom. The king of cosmetics nevertheless managed to keep the billions - it has paid off from the former spouse, having allocated it $30 million in the form of single payment $1 million plus annually for pocket expenses, and also has offered the estate in the State of Connecticut.
as it was already told, home life of the billionaire was rich on divorces. The first, with Fejt Golding who has taken place in 1983, has managed to it in $8 million In 1994, after 11 years of joint life journalist Klodiej Cohen he has again divorced from the second wife, having paid this time already $80 million compensation.
the third divorce has negatively affected a financial position of Perelmana. Its place in the list of the richest people of the world has gone down with 59 - go in 1996 to 200 - go in 2002, and the condition has decreased almost twice - to $2,1 billion

and Kirk Kerkorjan
In January, 2001 the former wife of film magnate Kirka Kerkorjana has submitted Liza Bonder to court Los - Andzhelesa the claim in which $320 thousand a month on the maintenance of their three-year daughter Kiry has demanded and by that can establish a record of the State of California on the sum of the paid alimony. In the statement published by newspaper The Los Angeles Times, 36 - summer former professional tennis-player Liza Bonder Kerkorjan has declared that since in 1998 she has divorced with 84 - the summer billionaire, she had to sell the personal things to pay the maintenance of the child from this marriage. The lawyer of madam Kerkorjan Stephen Kolodny has explained that its ward asks at all more than that her daughter received before.
In the list of urgent needs of child Liza has specified travel expenses for the sum $144 thousand a month, children`s holidays and dialogue with contemporaries on $14 thousand a month, Charitable donations - $7 thousand, meal - $102 thousand, washing - $1,4 thousand, toys, video films and books - $1 thousand and $436 a month on a house rabbit of Kiry. As the former tennis-player, under a word " has specified; needs she understands not simply pressing needs, and means, necessary for maintenance of a corresponding standard of living with all blessings and the advantages corresponding to the status of daughter Kirka Kerkorjana .
Here again there is a reason as Kirk Kerkorjan created a network of a casino in the USA and owning the largest share holding of movie company MGM and autocompany Daimler of Chrysler AG, according to magazine Forbes, is one of the richest people in the world with a condition in $6,4 billion
the First meeting of Lizy Bonder with its future spouse has taken place in 1986 on court. In 1991 between them the love story was began, and in 1997 - m when after numerous refusals the Pick to marry it Liza has decided to leave for ever it, she has suddenly found out that is pregnant. This time in interests of the child the billionaire has agreed to marry the former partner on tennis but on condition that in a month they will divorce. Besides, Liza has refused all rights to the maintenance after divorce. All went well while its ex-husband has not started to cut down the sums allocated for the child, depriving the girl of habitual living conditions.
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