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the Science has defined an optimum sandwich
the Expert in science application in a life from Bristol university Flax Fisher has published work under the name Optimum use of cheese at manufacturing of sandwiches . Scientific work is custom-made the British committee on cheese. This organisation has charged to doctor Fisher to investigate concentration of a cheese smell at a sandwich chewing. By means of a technique of the analysis of smells the scientist and its scientific group could define an optimum thickness of a slice of cheese which needs to be put on a sandwich. Measurements were spent by means of device MS - Nose, the invented Andy Taylor from Nottingham university. This device allows to measure concentration of various smells which during meal get to a nose. Application MS - Nose has shown that for different grades of cheese level of optimum aroma in a nose of the eater is achievable by means of use of following parametres: Thickness of a slice of 7 mm - for cheese uenslidejl, 5 mm - for cheshira, 4,5 mm - karfilli and 2,8 mm - for cheddar cheese. However in research it is held back what should be a bread piece on which it is necessary to put cheese.

hotels battle for attention of dogs
the Rigid competition among the best hotels of Paris was developed for new group of clients - dogs. The rate on attraction of dogs is made by hotels mainly of calculation to catch rich American tourists who as it is considered, like to come to Europe with the pupils. In a complex of services which are offered four-footed lodgers, - possibility of the round-the-clock order of dishes from hotel restaurants directly in number. Thus the menu includes such delicacies, as a cocktail from shrimps for 15 euros or a pie from the best grades of the beef liver for 45 euros. While at dogs the hotel " uses the great popularity; Trianon Located in Versailles in one of the private residences constructed for king Louis XIV. There works not only the dog restaurant: in numbers there are the beds worked specially for inhabitants having a tail, to services of four-footed clients - the masseur, the therapist, the psychologist and the personal trainer.

very stupid and the Dirty pig will gather for congress
In France will pass congress of the people living in villages which names sound unusually, ridiculously or obscenely. Inhabitants of settlements Trecon intend to take part in a forthcoming forum, Saligos, Montcuq and Mengesebes. In transfer with old South French these adverbs toponimy sound as very stupid the Dirty pig My bum and Eat onions . In total representatives of 15 settlements will gather for congress with similar names. At this forum inhabitants ridiculous villages Plan not only have a rest in the company of fellow sufferers, but also to try to develop the general strategy for counteractions of bad manners of fellow citizens . As organizers of action have declared, formation of an united front of resistance to infinite sneers of Frenchmen becomes the congress purpose. Meanwhile for English-speaking tourists news about whims of the French toponymics is not news: here already some generations of British bring to the United Kingdom photos from located on jugo - the West of France of city Condom.

the Teacher stuck to schoolboys mouths
In the Chilean city of Barros - Erana parents of five schoolboys have addressed in police after was found out that the teacher stuck to their children mouths with a sticky tape. The teacher by name of Salvator Ferega was dissatisfied with that nine-year children at its lessons stirred and rustled, therefore has decided to achieve silence and obedience, having applied an adhesive tape. According to parents, the teacher so has intimidated their children that at schoolboys problems with a dream have begun, and some even began to be wetted in bed. Mister Ferega considers charge by slander and asserts that he has only played with kiddies cheerful game. According to the policemen, intending to bring the matter into court, Salvator Ferega on the psychological warehouse cannot have business with children and should be deprived the right to teach.