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Beloretsky metallurgical industrial complex has been based in 1762, it specialises on extraction and manufacture of ore and nonmetallic materials, manufacture of metal rolling and metiznoj production. In 1996 the enterprise has been privatised.

From 2001 21, 59 % of actions beloretskogo industrial complex was in an operational administration of the enterprises which are included today into Open Society Steel group a Mechel . However soon a Mechel has redeemed this package. Until recently the structure of shareholders of the enterprise was following: 29, 07 % belonged to the state in the name of the government of Bashkiria, 21, 59 % - the Chelyabinsk company, about 20 % - to the structures under control metholdingu.
last week on the eve of Day of reconciliation and the consent specialised auction on sale of a state block of shares of actions (29, 07 %) Open Society " has taken place; Beloretsky metallurgical industrial complex which the ministry of management of state property of Bashkiria spent. Privatisation results became known only yesterday. According to the competitive commission, the basic package (almost 29, 07 %) has got a Mechel . The Sum of transaction has made 95 million rbl. at the starting price of auction about 92 million rbl. Thus, cost of one action has made 40, 7 rbl. at face value 39, 46 roubles. Thus the republic government has reserved in the enterprise the possession right a gold share termless action. 122 more actions of the enterprise were got at auction by the physical person from Beloretska, the name of the owner is not disclosed. The sum of transaction with it has made 4, 9 thousand roubles.
However that the buyer of the basic package of the actions exposed at auction becomes a Mechel experts did not doubt. In 2001 to this holding the republic government had been transferred in an operational administration a state block of shares of actions BMK. There was it during the moment when the enterprise had crisis times - developed a resource martin and blast furnaces on it have been closed. Then the question on the enterprise future was discussed. As consider today in the government of Bashkiria, arrival on industrial complex cheljabintsev has allowed to deduce factory from crisis, to get rid of out-of-date manufactures and to solve a question of stable deliveries of preparations of a steel on the unique rolling mill 150 operating in Beloretske, for steel manufacture - katanki.
Development metiznoj production in to Steel group a Mechel are engaged Beloretsky metallurgical industrial complex and Vjartsilsky metiznyj factory. For enterprise development in this direction in the past spring the administration has signed the general agreement with bank UralSib about opening by it on the security of property of the enterprise of the multiple currency demand line of credit in volume of $10 million period of validity 2 years - on replenishment of circulating assets of factory. In June by the general director of the enterprise the representative " has been appointed; a Mechel Alexey Smirnov. At last session of Board of directors on September, 11th representatives a Mechel were also the factory board is strengthened.
as a result of purchase of a state block of shares beloretskogo industrial complex as experts consider, integration of the enterprises becomes more active: Open Society managements a Mechel BMK and Orenburg JUzhuralnikelja Last year have started to prepare plans of the association in vertically - the integrated holding that will allow to capture on a chain processes from coke manufacture in the Chelyabinsk area before release metiznoj production in Bashkiria.