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Okrizbirkom the head of a selective staff of the candidate of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Evgenie Rojzmana Dmitry Utkin spends interrogations

Yesterday has declared pressure from employees UBOPa. On the eve of the past holidays mister Utkin has been caused in management where it was examined about sources of the means arriving into the accounts of candidate Rojzmana. The head of a staff considers that ubopovtsy operate in interests of the opponent on election campaign - the former head Sverdlovsk UBOPa Vasily Rudenko. The district election committee has begun incident check. But yet has not found out in actions of employees of management of infringements of the law.
Evgenie Rojzman is known as one of fund founders the City without drugs . Now it is its president. From the very beginning of relation work between fund and law enforcement bodies were strained: Mister Rojzman criticised agents of national security for inactivity in struggle against drugs, and the militia, in turn, declared that methods Cities without drugs are illegal. Latest scandal has burst in August of this year. As already wrote , there was a capture of one of divisions of fund forces of Sverdlovsk militia. Law enforcement bodies explained incident by that in the rehabilitation centres of fund tortured people. And Evgenie Rojzman, in turn, declared that storm is connected with desire of militiamen to cover the colleague convicted by a management of fund in complicity to drug dealers.
this conflict became for mister Rojzmana an occasion to make the decision on participation in State Duma elections: it was put forward on the most criminal district of area - Ordzhonikidzevsky. However it was from the very beginning clear that elections for it will be uneasy: on the same district the former head Sverdlovsk UBOPa Vasily Rudenko stands. Yesterday the management of a selective staff of candidate Rojzmana has declared the first incident in the selective company. Head of a staff Dmitry Utkin has informed that on the eve of Day of reconciliation and the consent it have caused the summons in regional management on struggle against the organised crime. Mister Utkin have interrogated inspector Vladimir Rakov whom sources of financing of election campaign of mister Rojzmana, and also incomes of the most interrogated interested. I have explained to employees UBOPa that has listed in Evgenie Rojzmana`s selective fund of 300 thousand rbl. which are my personal savings. And they are received by fair means - Dmitry Utkin has declared .
next day lawyers of a staff have prepared the complaint to actions of militia which have directed to district election committee. And mister Utkin has demanded to give it documents on which basis employees UBOPa found out financial sources of the selective account of mister Rojzmana as they do not possess such powers.
in okrizbirkome on Ordzhonikidzevsky election district have confirmed the interrogation fact. The vice-president okrizbirkoma Igor Alyabyev has declared to the correspondent that to accounts of mister Rojzmana there were questions as the financing source is not clear. As to participation UBOPa inspector Rakov, being a member kontrolno - auditing service at Election committee of Sverdlovsk area, possesses powers to supervise movements of means under the account of the candidate, mister Alyabyev considers. Though does not deny that finding-out of points at issue all - taki should pass not in UBOPe, and in electoral committee. Now okrizbirkom has started studying of the complaint of a staff of Rojzmana.
Meanwhile, mister Utkin insists that actions ubopovtsev are directed against Evgenie Rojzmana as they defend interests of its opponent - Vasily Rudenko.
in a selective staff of mister Rudenko in the categorical form a situation have refused to make comments.