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The candidate have knocked on the head

Yesterday the candidate of the State Duma on the Samara election district 153 Michael Matveev has declared that the head of the Samara branch an United Russia Sergey Arsentev tried to organise one of these days its murder. In the answer the leader Samara United Russia party members has declared that at Michael Matveeva rich imagination . We will remind that attempt at mister Matveeva heading the Samara Union of national self-management, has occurred in Samara on November, 5th about seven o`clock in the evening. Mister Matveev went to the house along the street Osipenko from a parking and during this moment it was attacked by two unknown persons. One of malefactors has run up to the candidate and behind and has knocked him on the head an iron rod. Criminals could not put bolshego harm to mister Matveevu, as the candidate has used the hand arm. Having made two shots of a pistol the Wasp Michael Matveev has wounded one of attacking, the second has had time to escape. The detained criminal has been transferred militia by the candidate. As have informed in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Samara, upon an attack criminal case under article " is already brought; the Robbery made with application of violence, life-threatening and health . However, in case of opening new obstojatelsv in an attack, it can be retrained in attempt at murder . The name of the detained criminal is established. It has appeared it 28 - the summer townsman of Borisoglebsk of the Voronezh region Alexey Spivakov. A name of the accomplice he did not name. It is known only that the second of attacking was low growth and masked under the woman, having dressed a wig which has lost at fight. Michael Matveev considers that the attack on it is connected with its political activity and elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
In conversation with the correspondent Michael Matveev has declared that he suspects the deputy of the Samara municipal duma and the head of city branch of the organisation of this attempt an United Russia Sergey Arsenteva. According to mister Matveeva, some days ago it on a mobile phone was called by the unfamiliar young man and has informed that if Michael Nikolaevich is and to persist further in the indications to Arsenteva the actions begun against it will be finished . Michael Matveev has told and about possible motives of the deputy gordumy. For today it is the unique person in Samara, with which at me the conflict in the open form. Sergey Arsenteva has a number of the reasons on which deducing me from active political activity to it would be favourable - the candidate has declared. According to Michael Matveeva, on following elections in Samara gordumu which will take place in 2004 it will be Sergey Arsenteva`s main competitor for a deputy armchair. Thus the suffered candidate has refrained from estimations of its prospects of election in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
we will remind that Sergey Arsentev and Michael Matveev are old opponents. Opposition between them has become aggravated after in May of this year mister Arsentev on air of one of local TV channels named Michael Matveeva the rascal . For it mister Matveev has brought an action against the leader Samara United Russia party members which however has lost. Today in the Samara district court should pass consideration of the appeal of Michael Matveeva. As he said, this hearing also has designated terms in which it was necessary to solve a question with me .
gordumy Sergey Arsenteva charges of its opponent have surprised the Deputy. At mister Matveeva very rich imagination also exists high probability of that no attack at all existed - he has declared . Quite probably, mister Arsentev that Michael Matveev " has informed; simply uses technologies black PR . When at the candidate the rating falls and start to hand over nerves, he resorts to such methods - the leader of the Samara branch " has noted; an United Russia .
In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Samara an attack on Michael Matveeva have refused to make comments, having informed only that while to suspect Sergey Arsenteva of the organisation of this attack at a consequence there are no bases . Thus in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs did not begin to deny possibility that the attack could be valid for the candidate someone organizovanno .