Rus News Journal


business news
the third writing-book
Militias will create a positive image
p. 13
Advertising of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be engaged BBDO and McCann Erickson

LUKOIL sell to Americans
p. 13
While - only in newspapers

Buyers Itera have wished to remain unknown
p. 13
Gazprom into their number does not enter

Federal Commission on Securities has decided to catch insajderov in the West
p. 14
circumstances of information leakage about agency Moody decision ` s

the Prices for vodka Are investigated and funeral the mayoralty
will confirm p. 15
the Government of Moscow establishes an order of application of controlled prices in capital

Alternative operators will dissolve in Comstar
p. 17
the First will disappear MTU - the Inform

Investors search for oil more cheaply
p. 20
Secrets of high profitability of the Russian oil companies

world practice
the second writing-book
Republicans render on services
p. 9
Their supporters receive contracts in Iraq

the Indian visitor Prime minister Vadzhpai will show something in its best light
p. 10
has brought to Moscow hundred businessmen

culture, sports
the fourth writing-book
Russian in Nice have pleased Frenchmen with Eskimos
p. 22
And Petersburgers have showered with pepper

Harry Kasparov will play with the computer on its field
p. 23
Today in New York - the first party of its match with program X3D Fritz