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UGMK rehearsed the ending

On the World cup among women`s teams which passes these days in Samara, the four of semifinalists was defined. Into their number has entered also Ekaterinburg UGMK .
the World cup (World Cup) is spent this year for the first time. At first it was planned that it will be the World championship for club commands. However to sustain such format the organizer it was not possible. The matter is that the strongest teams of the North America entering in female NBA, function only four and a half a month in a year - since May on the middle of September. After the termination of this term of the basketball player part on commands of other continents. Therefore WNBA instead of the champion - club Detroit shock - has sent to Samara a national team into which the players who do not have contracts with other participants of the World cup have entered.
the second blow on a format of competitions has put UGMK . Having used that at new tournament while there are no rigid regulations (in particular - restrictions on number of legionaries), heads of the Ural club have signed short-term contracts at once with three Americans that has seriously strengthened and without that not a weak team. This step has caused disapproval from other participants of competitions.
- if we knew that someone from participants of tournament will go on artificial strengthening of structure, we too would take in a command of several players from other clubs, - the trainer Brazilian " has declared; Sao Paulo Aleshandru Sezar, with which wards UGMK met in the first round. - to win by own strength against such contender - actually Russian - the American national team - it is unreal.
nevertheless Brazilians almost three quarters battled with internatsionalom UGMK as equals. In the beginning of the third period Sao Paulo Even has come forward (43:42), but to keep the advantage to it it was not possible. On 26 minute the key player of the Brazilian club - centre Tiffani Johnson - from - for traumas has left a platform, and its command has instantly collapsed. Last quarter Sao Paulo has lost with the account 4:26, and with it and all meeting - 52:83. The most productive basketball players of a match of a steel two Americans who have joined to UGMK only for the period of the World cup, - defender Andrea Stinson and attacking Natali Williams, typed on 15 points.
in the second round foxes met the Korean club Wooribank Hansae . As a part of the Seoul command half of players have growth below 180 sm (in UGMK such all two), therefore it is no wonder, what even similarity of struggle in this match were not. Ekaterinburzhenki already in the first period have come off competitors on 12 points, and further only increased the advantage. As a result - a superconvincing victory with a difference in 40 points (96:56) and a preschedule exit in plej - off.
Last night in final round of a preliminary round UGMK played from a national team female NBA which also has won the two first match. ending rehearsal as have christened this meeting in a press, has ended with a victory of Russians with the account 68:54. Uralochki have occupied in group And 1 place and now in a semi-final will battle to the second command of group In . It will be or Samara SGAU - VBM or Australian Canberra Capitals (their yesterday`s match has come to the end after signing number in the press). Other semifinal pair will be made by national team WNBA and French Olympic .
Today on tournament unique target, and the solving round will begin tomorrow.