Rus News Journal

The summons

President Vladimir Putin
has held a meeting with the secretary of the High council of national safety of Iran Hasanom Rouhani. The fulfilled nuclear fuel the question on signing of the agreement on return to Russia was discussed with the under construction atomic power station in Bushere;
has held a working meeting with the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district Leonid Drachevsky who has informed the head of the state on measures on liquidation of consequences of earthquake on Altai. Besides, the plenipotentiary has told about the session which has taken place on November, 4th of council of governors and legislators of Siberia concerning gross national product doubling the next ten years. As he said, participants of council consider that for this purpose there are all possibilities;
has held a working meeting with the head of Republic Dagestan Magomedali Magomedovym. The head of Dagestan has noticed that the situation in republic both under the salary, and under incomes is per capita worse, than in other regions. Also has asked the president to instruct a management of the economic block of the government to give to republic of more attention.

the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov
will hold government session, on which the question on development of the domestic financial markets will be considered.