Rus News Journal

The highlight of the program

to Conduct 20. 00 the Main plot - in Russia is celebrated Day of militia. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - official. Shots from the State Kremlin palace where passes solemn evening are given. The correspondent tells about a meeting of the president with representatives of law enforcement bodies of regions of Russia - the head of the state expresses approval to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in connection with activity on to clarification of own numbers . This work should pass constantly, - Vladimir Putin marks. Is first sign of democratic character of our state .
Time 21. 00 the Main plot - the Russian militiamen celebrate a professional holiday. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - inspired. The journalist tells about cadet Dmitry Perminove who has lost in the Chechen Republic a hand, however trained in Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The theme is continued by the reporting on conversation with Vladimir Putin`s militiamen. The participant of a meeting formulates lawful state vision: Totalitarianism of the law and inevitability of punishment for all . It will be necessary to work with your teachers under the state and right theory - the president against such approach objects.
the country and the world 22. 00 Release opens the message on consequences of act of terrorism in Saudi Arabia. The main plot - the Afghani girl has taken part in competition Ms. of the world . A genre - the reporting. Intonation - condemning. The leader names it a shock for the Muslim world . Competition fragments are shown. Ms. Afghanistan admits interview that not so comfortably felt . According to the reporter, after a defile in a bathing suit home it is better to it not to come back . If in the world such beauty contests it is not necessary to be surprised to acts of terrorism - he concludes.