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Romano Prodi
the chairman of Eurocommission
the Constitution to which it is impossible to do amendments, - the weak constitution. It does not adapt to a reality. You can imagine the American constitution without amendments? They allow it to react to occurring changes .
Such opinion was stated yesterday by the chairman of Eurocommission Romano Prodi in interview to the British newspaper The Times. The Greatest problem, according to mister Prodi, consists that Great Britain and some other countries insist on imposing of the veto on all future changes of the constitution of EU in spite of the fact that next year the number of members of the European Union will increase to 25, and in 2007 - to 27 countries. The chairman of Eurocommission has declared that in long-term prospect similar requirements undermine the constitution. if not to change the constitution in due course you will be completely torn off from a reality. And through 15 - 20 years will arise serious problems - he has told. Also mister Prodi has denied charges that he intends to construct the European superstate. Europe changes not suddenly, and gradually. And nobody thinks of forcing the separate states to disappear - he has told. Process of the European integration, as he said, a great advance from the concept of the separate states. This change of the history of last centuries . However in my concept of Europe always there is a place for the former states. The constitution systematises history, but it not revolution is an evolution - mister Prodi has declared.