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Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic of South Africa in Moscow
begins Today working visit to Russia Minister for Foreign Affairs Southern - the African Republic (republic of South Africa) g - zhi Nkosazany Dlamini Zooms. She will hold a meeting with the assistant to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Vladimir Jakovlevym, the co-chairman of the third session of the joint intergovernmental commission on trading - to economic cooperation between the republic of South Africa and the Russian Federation. Besides, the madam of the Zoom will carry out with head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov consultations concerning activity of the African Union, a situation in the Near East, to United Nations reforming, fight against terrorism and a current situation in Iraq.

Iran does not aspire to creation of the nuclear weapon
the Secretary of a high council of national safety of Iran Hasan Rouhani which have arrived on Sunday to Russia, has discussed problems of nuclear technologies and an atomic power station Busher under construction the Russian experts.
At a meeting with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin mister Rouhani has assured that Teheran does not aspire to creation of the nuclear weapon. Iran will suspend process of enrichment of uranium though considers that has the legitimate right to be engaged in such works, has underlined Hasan Rouhani, having added that its country at all does not pursue the aim to possess the nuclear weapon .
the Question of the nuclear weapon in our defensive doctrine has no value - he has told.
we have decided to open all our last activity before the world community and consequently we have answered all put questions from IAEA, - has added Hasan Rouhani. - Iran aspires to eliminate all concern and fear concerning the nuclear program .
He has told also that on Monday Iran was going to hand over IAEA the letter on the consent to sign the additional report on nuclear cooperation with Russia.
Mister Rouhani has transferred the invitation to Vladimir Putin to visit Teheran. The head of the Iranian Security Council has declared that the president of Iran Khatami waits for Putin in Teheran to spend extensive negotiations .

the Main accuser has arrived to Ruanda
Yesterday the main accuser of the International criminal tribunal for Ruanda Hassan Bubakar Dzhallou for the first time has arrived on a visit to this African country for negotiations with members ruandijskogo the governments. Mister Dzhallou, the judge from Gambia, in September has replaced to Charles del Pontus it was offered to them to concentrate on a management of the International tribunal on war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. Against combination by the madam del Pontus two posts the president of Ruanda Pol Kagame belonging to a nationality tutsi has acted. It was not pleasant to it that Charles del Pontus drew on that along with investigation of the facts of a genocide against tutsi the tribunal was engaged in participation investigation ruandijskoj armies in a genocide of 1994 against a nationality hutu.
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In Seoul discuss a nuclear problem
Yesterday in Seoul negotiations between the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Peoples Republic of China have taken place Give Bingo and head the Republic Korea Jun Jon Gvanom Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They have discussed the questions connected with carrying out of the second round of six-sided negotiations on the Korean nuclear problem. The first, taken place in the end of August in Beijing, has appeared not too successful: the parties have only reminded each other of the positions and recognised necessity to continue negotiations, at all without having defined their date. Yesterday`s negotiations between Give Bingo and Jon Gvanom Is young have begun with discussion of the strong snowfall which has fallen to Beijing. The parties have considered it as a good sign: the plentiful snowfall promises a rich crop. We hope that we will receive a good harvest not only on agricultural fields, but also on a policy field, in a question of the North Korean nuclear program - the mister has told Is young. Its interlocutor the mister Give has expressed hope on a good harvest in efforts on achievement of peaceful settlement of a nuclear problem on the Korean peninsula next year . Next week Give Bingo goes to Tokyo to carry out consultations on the second round of six-sided negotiations with their Japanese participants.