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Tuesday, on November, 11th
This day is very rich with various aspects. In an interval between two eclipses the harmonious respite was formed. And businessmen who cannot postpone the projects for a month, should use for the vigorous activity the nearest some days.
in the morning the Moon forms harmonious aspect with the Neptune and strained - with Mars. Therefore it is necessary to rely on intuition and knowledge of psychology of people. The human factor now is the most important. And here the technics is capable to glitch, especially automobile. In the morning and in the evening at peak o`clock breakdown susceptibility will increase.
fire and metal can be dangerous. And here water and everything that is connected with the nature, - well. As Venus and the Neptune form strong harmonious aspect.
favorable day in love. Interesting romantic situations and pleasant adventures in private life are possible. Thanks to creative aspect of the Neptune and Merkurija discoveries and inspirations are possible. Any mental work will go well. Successful day for employment by all art forms.
the intense aspect of Merkurija with Uranium that can lead to separate failures in transport and electronics work in the evening is formed.
emergency situations can take place in the regions listed in the yesterday`s forecast. Criminal activity late at night will raise.
in an organism respiratory organs and hands are vulnerable.
Arieses can test disputed and dangerous situations on transport and at negotiations. But the love with the person from far-away countries is possible.
Tauruses should be ready to conflicts because of money. But reliable old partners will not bring you. Successful day in intimate sphere.
twins should rely on intuition and ethics, but not too to trust formalities and technics. Successful day in love.
Cancers can become successful in the employment connected with water, art and the nature, to improve a state of health. Be more careful with technics and fire.
lions can adjust relations with the large organisations, including in financial sphere. Also day is favorable for love and entertainments.
maidens can be a success thanks to intuition. In career crucial importance is got by mutual relations. Work with technics and documents will go difficultly.
to scales water can bring good luck. Good day for any employment in aesthetics sphere. On a trip probably pleasant acquaintance.
scorpions have good possibilities to improve the earnings and well-being. Harmonious day and in private life. Dangers from cars.
Sagittariuses today expect both disputed, and pleasant situations. Show the initiative in love.
Capricorns can get unexpected secret support or secret love. And here in labour collective the conflict is possible.
Aquarius will pleasantly spend time among friends, adherents. Successful day for contacts to water, art, but difficult - for work with technics.
fishes will adjust harmonious relations both in affairs, and in private life. Good day for the employment connected with an aesthetics. And here on a life do not concentrate.

Wednesday, on November, 12th
Tomorrow Merkury passes as a sign of the Sagittarius. The information which has been inaccessible or coded, can become known to a wide range of people. Favorable day for distant travel. It is possible to begin studying of subjects new to you. The harmonious aspect of the Moon with Uranium is favorable for aircraft, work with computer and other modern technics, as a whole for intellectual work. New ways and ways of the decision of problems will bring success.
In business sphere first half of day is favorable enough. And here during the period with 19. 00 to 22. 00 Moscow time any important issues it is not necessary to carry out.
the Moon is in a sign on Twins that renders still a greater influence on intellectual and information spheres. Favorable day for trips.
in private life less harmonious situation. The conflict of Venus and Mars in the sky is symbolical reflexion of the conflict of the man and the woman on the earth. Especially intense relations can take place in the evening. It also not so suitable time for visiting of entertainment actions.
in the evening also it is undesirable to be engaged in purchases and the finance. But it is possible to do domesticities, but not to involve in them violently other members of a family is better.
for health day quite normal. Respiratory bodies and hands are vulnerable. Be protected colds.
Natural and technogenic incidents most likely in Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, in the south of the USA, in Malaysia, Cambodia and in our Far East.
Arieses can have conflict situations in private life and in financial questions. Harmonious day for trips and study.
Tauruses should be careful of aggression and to be more careful with technics and fire. Reception of the important business information is possible.
twins will find new partners, first of all the business.
cancers should pay attention to development of new knowledge and work with modern technics. Evening is better for spending in the bosom of the family.
lions should pay attention to partners and friends and to be engaged with them in collective work.
maidens can start a reorganisation of the dwelling.
scales should be afraid of aggressively adjusted people. Be more attentive at work with dangerous tools and technics.
Scorpions should concentrate on mental work. Do not hope for success in monetary affairs and love in the evening.
Sagittariuses can receive the important information on, the health and partners. Successful day for trips.
Capricorns should concentrate on daily work. If it is necessary, will pay attention to health.
Aquarius has favorable possibilities both for work, and for entertainments. Will pay attention to sports and dialogue with children.
fishes can receive the important information, concerning the status and career. Analyse a situation and be prepared for action.