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Judiciary practice

the Aviadevice threatens airline with plane arrest
Arbitration court of Moscow has passed the decision on collecting from airline Krasnoyarsk airlines 2,7 million rbl. under the company claim the Aviadevice . As has informed zamgendirektora the Aviadevice Sergey Tchernyshev, its factory was tired to demand money for the equipment put still in 2000 - avionics for the plane They be 204 . The yesterday`s judgement concerns penalties for untimely payment of the equipment. The director for legal questions Krasnoyarsk airlines Alexander Belousov has declared that debts before the Aviadevice has been caused insufficient quality of avionics and that the revealed lacks were eliminated too slowly . Lawyers the Aviadevice have informed that they are going to address today in service of court enforcement officers and to try to arrest the plane Krasnoyarsk airlines in claim maintenance.

bankruptcy " Has begun; neftehimeksporta
the Arbitration court of Moscow has entered supervision procedure in VZAO neftehimeksport . The time managing director appoints Alexander Mogilevsky, a member of SRO NP NGAU. In March, 2000 management FSNP across Moscow has raised in the relation of heads VZAO neftehimeksport criminal case upon evasion from payment of the profit tax for 1997 - 1998 at a rate of 1,12 million rbl. the Statement for bankruptcy neftehimeksporta summer of 2001 has submitted Open Company IK Northern agency of share operations . But neftehimeksport has extinguished debts, and on August, 7th, 2001 court has stopped manufacture on the case of bankruptcy.
AK and M

the Declaration on intentions
UAZ becomes half foreign
Yesterday in Moscow the director for Open Society UAZ purchases (enters into group Severstalavto ) Alexander Morozov declared signing of the contract with German Thyssen Krupp on delivery of the electrozinced metal rolling which is not made in Russia. Of it will make bokoviny and the bottoms of bodies of cars of family UAZ - 3163. Till the end of the year the volume of deliveries will make 800 t, in 2004 it will reach 500 - 600 t in a month. It about 50 % of requirements Oise (the supplier of the others of 50 % is not found yet). UAZ also has signed the five years` contract in cost of 20 million euro with the Iranian company AIDCO on delivery of panels of devices and details of salon and the contract on delivery of a hardware with the Taiwan company Summy Bean. As Alexander Morozov if the tendency remains, " considers; that in 2004 the share of foreign accessories in the car ` UAZ ` will exceed 50 % .