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The Voronezh high school has lost the licence

Yesterday management of licensing of Minobrazovanija of the Russian Federation has directed the notice in Voronezh economic - legal institute about deprivation of this high school of the state accreditation and licence withdrawal on higher education granting. Corresponding orders were signed by the Minister of Education of Russia Vladimir Filippov. According to the ministry, the high school does not carry out the law About higher education . In the Most Voronezh economic - legal institute consider claims of Minobrazovanija unreasonable. On December, 10th, 2002 the Minister of Education of Russia Vladimir Filippov has signed the order on stay of action of licence VEPI till March, 1st, 2003. As the reason the complaint of Lipetsk regional department of formation to division VEPI activity has served in a city of the Dirt of the Lipetsk region. The high school has not suspended the work. As Minobrazovanija Elena Gevorkyan has informed yesterday to the correspondent the head of department of licensing, claims to institute have arisen from - that it trains 12 thousand persons in 26 cities and settlements though has the licence only on activity in Voronezh. In the ministry have informed that management VEPI has refused to obtain licences for 26 representations all. Therefore, according to the madam Gevorkyan, the ministry cannot guarantee quality of formation which gives VEPI to students in the representations.
pro-rector VEPI Yury Vetrov has explained this refusal by that, according to the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the high school is not obliged to obtain the licence for the representations. Mister Vetrov considers that its educational institution have slandered officials of Lipetsk administration also that Minobrazovanija should inspect at first activity of high school and after that to withdraw the licence. Projects of orders on deprivation of high school of the state accreditation and licence deprivation were ready still on third of March. Within a week there were negotiations with a management of the Voronezh high school. According to Elena Gevorkyan, the compromise between management VEPI and the Ministry of Education it has not been reached.
in management VEPI to the correspondent have declared that do not know about licence withdrawal and accreditation deprivation, but have declared that Minobrazovanija can deprive licence high school only through court. In the Ministry of Education have declared that are ready to challenge this decision in court.
will watch succession of events.