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Ministry of Labor will regulate NPF
the Government of the Russian Federation has allocated the Ministry of Labour and social development of the Russian Federation by the right to carry out state regulation of activity of not state pension funds (NPF) on not state provision of pensions, obligatory and professional pension insurance. As have given in department of the governmental information, the corresponding decision was signed by the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov. Ministry of Labor will carry out, in particular, supervision and control over observance NPF of requirements of the legislation, to spend licensing of their activity and registration of those funds which have put in the statement for intention to carry out obligatory pension insurance. The right to stop for the term up to six months action of the licence of not state pension fund in case of infringement of licence requirements by it and legislations on provision of pensions is given to Ministry of Labor.

In Austria is stolen by cash dispenses
the Austrian thieves recently have entered into practice of abduction of bank automatic machines with cash. On it have informed on Monday at a briefing in the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Last case has occurred in small town Illmitts (a federal land of Burgenland). Some minutes prior to abduction the cash dispense established in a niche of branch of bank Sparkasse, has been filled by denominations for the sum of 100 thousand euro. The disguised criminal has blocked the massive figure a supervision videocamera, and it podelniki have managed to disconnect alarm system. Thieves have shipped the bank automatic machine in standing in several metres from bank a pickup and have disappeared. One week ago robbers in the city of Shvadorf (a federal land the Bottom Austria) have carried away on themselves a cash dispense from 140 thousand euro. Searches of criminals yet have not brought results.
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the Government develops the mortgage legislation
In the government of the Russian Federation 36 laws on mortgage lending prepare. On it has informed vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Jakovlev at meeting in St.-Petersburg. Now, he has noted, one law on mortgage papers is already accepted, and the others are in a working out stage. vitse - the prime minister has underlined that acceptance of these laws will allow to solve a question of availability of habitation. According to mister Jakovleva, mortgage questions were discussed the day before in the State Duma, and in a week the next meeting concerning mortgage lending will take place in Gosstroy.
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VTB plans to spend dopemissiju on $300 million
the next months Vneshtorgbank will spend additional issue of the actions which will allow foreign shareholders, in particular to the European bank of reconstruction and development, to expand a share of the participation in the bank capital, the vice-president of board VTB Vladimir Dmitrys has declared yesterday. Issue volume mister Dmitrys will make $300 million, exact date of its carrying out did not name.

the Ministry of Finance defends spetsscheta for VAT return
the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation considers necessary VAT opening - spetsschetov for commercial banks, the head of department of a tax policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Ivaneev has declared yesterday to journalists. He has noticed that, though at banks as tax bearers, insignificant volume of assessed VAT of operations, it is necessary for observance of a principle of equality of all tax bearers. As the head of department of the Ministry of Finance has underlined, speech does not go depriving commercial banks of possibility to use means of clients from the VAT - spetsschetov. How much I remember, such idea was not discussed anywhere - mister Ivaneev has declared. Earlier the Bank of Russia has made the offer on granting to commercial banks of possibility not to open the VAT - spetsscheta which it is planned to enter since July, 1st, 2004. Mister Ivaneev has noticed that the bill of introduction of such accounts will be brought in the State Duma in the spring.
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Alexey Kudrin for an exit of the Central Bank from the capital of commercial banks
Vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin considers possible to consider the problem an exit of the Central Bank from the capital of banks. Making comments on journalists on offer MERTa to consider the problem on expediency of participation of the Central Bank in the Savings Bank, mister Kudrin has underlined: Position MERTa is worthy, but it is necessary to consider terms of possible realisation of this offer . As has explained vitse - the prime minister, the strategic position of the Ministry of Finance consists that in the long term the government and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation should leave capitals of all banks . Now, - he has noted, - the transition period when there is a strengthening of bank sector proceeds, both the government and the Central Bank can remain in the capital of banks .

incomes of the federal budget of the Russian Federation
Proficiency of the federal budget for January Grow - October, 2003 (on the basis of the data about financing) has made 164,8 mlrd rbl., or 1,5 % from look-ahead volume of gross national product for this period (10 938 mlrd rbl.) It is told in the message of the Ministry of Finance. Incomes of the federal budget for ten months have made 2128,5 mlrd rbl. (83,1 % to volume of incomes of the budget for 2003).
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Japan sets up financial records
Japan has established a new world record on volume of gold and exchange currency reserves, having finished them on the end of October to $626,27 mlrd, has informed the country Ministry of Finance. On the first place on this indicator Japan is in the world already 46 - j month successively. Country Gold and exchange currency reserves consist of valuable metals, bank deposits in foreign currencies, securities, and also the special rights of loan - conditional means of payment of IMF. After Japan there is continental China, Taiwan, South Korea and Siangan. Russia on gold and exchange currency reserves in August of this year was on the eighth place in the world. Continuing a theme of Japanese financial records, the Ministry of Finance of Japan informs that from July till September for interventions in the currency markets has been spent 7,551 trln yens (about $70 mlrd). It is unprecedented in the history the sum for one quarter. From the beginning of year on attempts not to admit excessive increase of a course of yen which conducts to decrease in competitiveness of the goods of Japanese export, it is spent already 16,2 trln yens that also has no precedents in the history of the country. The absolute record of day has been established on September, 30th when Japanese financial instances have exchanged for becoming cheaper dollars from above 1 trln yens.