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The Ulyanovsk mayor was corrected not up to the end

Yesterday the mayor of Ulyanovsk Pavel Romanenko has satisfied the protest of city Office of Public Prosecutor and has cancelled the decision from August, 1st of this year about increase in a city of municipal tariffs for 30 %. However the mayor has cancelled the decision since October, 1st. The city Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded the termination of the decision from the moment of its acceptance and prepares for new litigation. We will remind that Pavel Romanenko has dared to raise tariffs for utilities from - for mayoralty debts Uljanovskenergo which at that point in time made 250 million roubles. However according to the Charter of a city the question of regulation of tariffs is in the competence gordumy, as has entailed check of legality of the decision of the mayor of Ulyanovsk by city Office of Public Prosecutor. The Duma in August was on vacation, as the decision on increase of tariffs independently has compelled Pavel Romanenko to make.
Besides, the federal law About bases of a federal housing policy forbids revision of tariffs within a fiscal year without simultaneous modification of the budget of current year. Pavel Romanenko has not presented such changes. At last, the order of the introduction of the decision in force has been broken: it has been published only on August, 8th, and recalculation of tariffs was conducted since August, 1st.
the mayor of Ulyanovsk in the justification of the actions has referred to the report of interdepartmental working group which studied a course of preparation of housing and communal services of area by the winter. In it it is told that municipal tariffs in area are underestimated that they carry not economic, but political character and consequently interfere with reforming of system of housing and communal services. Moreover, the mayor has asked for Duma to delegate to its responsibility on regulation of tariffs till the end of the year.
In the beginning of September, leaving from vacation, gorduma has demanded from the mayor to withdraw the decision, and in reply to the request to confirm the raised tariffs has requested the data about the cost price on all complex housing - utilities and the offer on change in the budget. However the mayor of Ulyanovsk and has not presented these documents to city parliament, from - for what the question on new tariffs about two months was in a hover. Moreover, it has appeared, what even at new tariffs the city budget will not have not enough for passage of a cold season more than 100 million roubles. In other words, growth of tariffs actually was not reflected in rates of preparation of a city by the winter, and has only led to that the debt energetikam grew more slowly.
the decision of the mayor about increase of tariffs has provoked discontent of the population of Ulyanovsk. Having learnt from newspapers about illegality of the document, people have refused to pay under new tariffs, however information systems of the enterprises zhilkomhoza have been already recustomized, and workers of housing and communal services, submitting to the mayor, exposed new accounts. At the best to people gave a choice: to pay under old or new tariffs.
after check of legality of actions of the mayor of Ulyanovsk the city Office of Public Prosecutor has forced Pavel Romanenko to cancel the decision. But the satisfaction of the protest the mayor has generated the new conflict in Ulyanovsk. The matter is that the mayor has cancelled the decision since October, 1st. It assumes that for August and September people should pay under the raised tariffs. On one of municipal duma sessions its chairman Igor Mokevnin has asked about recalculation the assistant to mayor Vyacheslav Kovelenova who has not managed to give the distinct answer. Gorprokuratura has already demanded cancellation of the illegal certificate from the moment of its acceptance, instead of from the date of cancellation, and is going to address with the corresponding petition.