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Clerics accustom to the Internet


Yesterday in the Moscow centre the Internet - formations of representatives of traditional faiths learnt to leave in the Internet. 55 future clerics already in the first day of fortnight training have learnt, the Internet what for is necessary and how to be in it tolerant. However listeners of different religions received useful knowledge in different audiences.
at once it was found out that in a full kind tolerance experience about which so organizers (simultaneously in the Internet long spoke should leave orthodox, iudei, Moslems and Buddhists), will not take place. Jews have not come. At first organizers have explained that at Jews of Shabbat, then, that at everything, including the same Jews, - the Reconciliation and Consent holiday.
almost all representatives of the faiths, come to be trained in the Internet, were in secular suits. The Buryat Buddhists were allocated only - they have come on employment in the traditional colour loose overalls which have been tied up by green belts. Listeners were young, except for the bearded old man who has appeared the monk of Troitsk Antonievo - the Sijsky monastery of Holmogorsky area and in combination the librarian, organizers have seen special symbolics in what fact: in that monastery the pupil - overage Mihajlo Lomonosov waited for a fish transport to Moscow.
to bless pupils on test by the Internet there have arrived their instructors - the rector of Buddhist university to Buryatiya Gunchen - the llama, the pro-rector of the Moscow spiritual academy celibate priest Peter (in the world - Ruslan Yeremeyev) and the vice-president of spiritual management of Moslems of the European part of Russia Damir Gizatullin. On behalf of organizers the head of Federation the Internet - formations, the vice-president of the company YUKOS Sergey Monahov has acted. Instructors said that now almost in each monastery, a mosque or a temple there is a computer, and priests even have electronic addresses. But to learn to understand each other, additional knowledge which can be received on the Internet are necessary to clerics.
to Study to be on friendly terms however, it was necessary to the future priests in different audiences. we wanted, that to pupils was comfortable, - Svetlana Avdeev has explained the director of educational programs FIO. - Moslems have not got used to study at women . Teachers stole up on temperament. Buddhists managed the phlegmatic elderly teacher, and to Moslems - young and vigorous. Orthodox - and at all the woman.
However, on closer examination pupils - Moslems have appeared women in scarfs. They persistently invited the correspondent to sit down for the free computer. if journalists approach, will tell simply that a scarf has forgotten - the dark-haired girl while the teacher explained persisted that computer mice happen with a tail and beshvostye . Buddhists left in the meantime in the Internet and chorus have typed in search engines a word the Buddhism . The gold Buddha in whom their first reference has resulted, has been surrounded by set of footnotes from which Buddhists as have amicably chosen a horoscope .
We hold the third year such seminar, - Avdeev`s madam has told at last. - and in the past we had a group in which anybody did not sit at the computer earlier. So we have set all of them in one room - orthodox, Jews, Moslems and Buddhists. Also imagine, all has passed smoothly!