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Sergey Haritonov
the assistant to the general director of joint-stock company Aeroflot
I do not see necessity for privatisation of the airports
- Who, in your opinion, should operate the airports - the state, management companies or airlines?
- Here there is no rigid dogma - world practice is absolutely various, but it is more logical, if the experts possessing corresponding financial resources on its development are engaged in an aviation complex. But it does not exclude a variant when separate terminals are in management at airline.
- whether follows, in your opinion, to the state aktsionirovat all airports or it should reserve share holdings of these objects?
- I do not see necessity for privatisation of all aeroport complexes and the more so air field capacities. Those problems which now are at aeroport business, and, in particular, increase of level of service, it is possible to solve it only efficient control. The Domodedovsky scheme, despite the committed errors, represents successful experience which has been based on long-term rent. Imposing this experience on the regional airports, it is possible to resolve many questions.
- whether it is necessary to divide the airport and airline?
- it is unconditional, yes. And it is necessary to do it as soon as possible. It will promote increase of efficiency of transportation activity, improvement of quality of service, a business transparency. Still an argument in favour of such division - creation of the competitive environment, the termination of cross subsidising.
- in spite of the fact that you consider external management of the airport of effective model, Aeroflot opposes establishments of a management company for the Sheremetyevo.
- Our position on this competition speaks following reasons. In - the first, itself MASHAS already is a management company. Statement over it of one more company is hardly expedient, considering that the airport is not the bankrupt. In - the second, until recently competition conditions are unknown to us, that mandate on which the management company can count is unknown. Also that process of preparation of competition, when almost any consultations of the basic carrier and client of the Sheremetyevo what is Aeroflot it has not been spent, it is essentially wrong. Operating irrespective of the fact which the mandate it will receive any, will be compelled to co-ordinate conditions of the activity with the base company.
mutual relations between the airport and the base company is long built and very fragile process. Two business it is enough marginalny on the profitableness. Compromise achievement in price questions occupies a lot of time and needs diplomatic efforts. We do not want to face the changed conditions at the airport.
- a number of experts consider that building Aeroflot own terminal will lead to stagnation on other terminals - the Sheremetyevo - 1 and the Sheremetyevo - 2...
- is not present. to Aeroflot the terminal is necessary to provide growth of business which is put in strategy of our development. Anyway the increase in a volume of passenger traffic which will occur after start of the new terminal, should affect positively improvement of all climate of MASHAS. If Aeroflot will make more launches, MASHAS will get additional profit. Besides, we leave for joint-stock company the International airport of the Sheremetyevo an open door also we suggest to build, and then and to maintain the new terminal in common. Aeroflot Repeatedly suggested MASHAS to take part in realisation of this project. A course for the Sheremetyevo, and we all - taki wanted to hear opinion of the state in this respect.
- whether resources for building of the terminal and management will suffice at you to them?
- Those expenses for building of the terminal which are already made Aeroflot create sufficient capital base under which attraction of the debt credit is possible. We carry on negotiations with the big circle of investors which are ready to render financing by entering of means into an authorised capital stock of the future company. Aeroflot certainly, would like to minimise own expenses though we understand that certain means should be put.
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