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It is ordered to airports to find the owner

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recently working group of the State Council has prepared the project of strategy of development of transport of Russia till 2025. The document assumes gradual leaving of the state from all branches of transport business, including aircraft. One of priorities of the program of reforming of the airports of Russia names their privatisation and transfer to private hands.
in Russia aeroport business is not present
As appears from the report extended one of these days by the International committee of air transportation, following the results of nine months 2003 profitability of aeroport business in a number of countries of Western Europe and the North America has exceeded profitability of aviatransportations in one and a half time and has reached on the average on branch 15 - 17 %. The passengers travelling by planes, in 30 % cases leave at the airports (including hubs, that is transfer knots) the sum equivalent to cost of the one way ticket. For example, in structure of incomes of London airport Heathrow of receipt from extraaviation (service) activity occupy 60 %.
In Russia anybody never considered a cumulative turn of the airports, in spite of the fact that the proprietor of all aviation complexes de - jure one is the state. Therefore it is possible to estimate only approximately earnings of 450 Russian airports from which 70 have the status of the international. Recognising that in Russia in 2002 it has been transported more than 26 million passengers, it is possible to draw a conclusion that only on passenger transportations the airports have received at least $800 million $150 More - 200 million earn terminals on service of cargo planes. Under forecasts, by 2015 the volume of aviatransportations in Russia can grow to 37 - 39 million persons a year. Accordingly, the turn of aeroport business taking into account growth of incomes of the population will increase at least in 2 - 2,5 times and will reach $2,5 billion
Who will supervise and dispose of these means? The definitive answer to this question at the state as while is not present the basic proprietor of an aeroport economy of the country. There is only an understanding of that a present situation when the airports maintaining state property and receiving the grants from the budget, all profitable part of work have assigned to business concerns, it is necessary to correct. In Russia while there is no professional aeroport business. In 99 % of cases the scheme of work of the airport is that: a certain state company owns the property and maintains a strip, and render service services some tens the private companies which have acquired this right on superconcessionary terms. For example, joint-stock company Airport Vnukovo owns only the passenger terminal. Other kinds of aeroport service are given by legal bodies six independent and not dependent on joint-stock company. The Samara international airport Kurumoch operates not privatizeable property of the airport. Nine independent companies are engaged in service of passengers and planes. Thus, to 50 % of means which the airport can earn, receive foreign structures.

Domodedovo have handed over for three roubles
in Russia it is considered to be the Trailblazer of aeroport business group Ist the Line . The head of group Dmitry Kamenshchik has lobbied transfer to rent of its company for 75 years of joint-stock company the Domodedovo Airport . Contract details are not disclosed till now. In 2000 the minister of economic development of Russia Herman Gref, having familiarised with its conditions, was indignant with the size of a rent which pays Ist the Line and even has tried to reconsider the contract. But mister Gref have persuaded not to hasten. The deputy minister of transport Charles Ruppel in interview has declared that the state has handed over Domodedovo for three roubles, but all the same has not regretted about it .
According to official figures, Joint-Stock Company Ist Lajn Hendling has already enclosed in reconstruction of an aeroport complex more than $400 million Group is the unique agent on sale of services of all enterprises of the airport of Domodedovo and provides complex land service of the Russian and foreign airlines at the airport. In responsibility sphere Ist the Line of Hendling planning of flights, control and support of flights also enters. The airlines which are based in Domodedovo, have contractual relations only with one company, only with it all calculations for the rendered services are conducted. At other airports of Russia of airline are compelled to build relations at once with several legal bodies. Under the official information, all nine enterprises which are included into group Ist the Line also work in Domodedovo, profitable.
but also Domodedovo has a vital issue - absence of a large base air carrier. Ist the Line works with tens airlines, basically from regions of Russia that does not allow Domodedovo to build serious business - the plan for some decades forward.

the State suggests all to privatise
Possibly, inspired by Domodedovo experience, the state in strategy of development of transport of Russia till 2025 has put really the revolutionary approach to the participation in aviation business. In the nearest year - two Ministry of Property is going to privatise, having divided into the airport and airline, FGUP Pulkovo joint-stock company Krasnoyarsk airlines FGUP Dalavia joint-stock company Vladivostok - Avia joint-stock company Airlines of Kuban FGUP Kavminvodyavia . For today the airports are not allocated from structure of 71 airlines (24 of them - joint-stock companies, 47 - the state unitary enterprises). After end of division of air carriers and operators (airports) work on optimisation of a network of the airports will begin. It is supposed that by 2008 in Russia there will be one - two large transfer international knots (hub), 12 - 15 regional airports, capable to provide international transportation, and some tens airports of local value which will be in the property of subjects of the Russian Federation. However, who will operate the airports - the joint-stock companies which controlling interest will remain in the state property while it is not clear.
basically developers of transport strategy do not exclude the right transfers to private suppliers of direct functions on granting and development of aeroport services but under an indispensable condition of preservation of property of airdromes in the federal property. However, in Ministry of Transport consider that dogmatism should not be therefore The kind of possession and participation of the private capital in the airport charter should fluctuate depending on local circumstances . Thus, the state suggests all interested structures to leave independently in the Ministry of Property and in Ministry of Transport with offers concerning destiny of this or that airport.

struggle for the Sheremetyevo
the Second example after Domodedovo of voluntary parting of the state with aeroport business is search of a management company for joint-stock company the International airport of the Sheremetyevo (MASHAS). MASHAS in general - that profitable enterprise: following the results of 2002 the Sheremetyevo income has exceeded $20 million, however quality of service in the largest aviation complex of Russia leaves much to be desired. Sheremetyevo terminals - 1 and the Sheremetyevo - 2, calculated on service according to 3 million and 6 million passengers a year, in 2002 have accepted 10,8 million persons. Thus the share MASHA in a volume of passenger traffic steadily decreases (in 2000 on a share MASHA 63 % of a volume of passenger traffic of the Moscow aviation knot were necessary, in 2002 this share has decreased to 52 % at simultaneous growth of a share of Domodedovo with 16 to 32 %). Besides, the Sheremetyevo does not correspond even to the minimal requirements shown to a hub of the European level. Average time of a transfer at changes occupies 2,5 hours.
in the Alpha - Eko do not hide, what exactly group the Alpha was the initiator of carrying out of competition for choice a management company MASHA. The board of directors has confirmed the corresponding competitive documentation in October. The idea of search for MASHA of a management company has encountered counteraction of the basic carrier of the Sheremetyevo - airlines Aeroflot which provides to 50 % of all flights of the airport. However, informally in Aeroflot Declare that the airline largest in Russia uses so reduced rates for service of the planes in the Sheremetyevo that any changes in mutual relations with the airport will cause serious decrease in profitability of the company . Struggle for the Sheremetyevo already left on other level. The vice-president of committee of the State Duma on fight against corruption Oleg Finko has addressed one of these days in the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement to raise criminal cases concerning the general director fulfilling duty MASHA Evgenie Bahteeva (the reference copy is available on hand). According to mister Finko, Evgenie Bahteev, for example, is financially interested in civil work in cost of 360 million rbl. which conducts in Joint-Stock Company Sheremetyevo Irmast - holding . However, in a press - airport service this inquiry have regarded as a struggle part for the Sheremetyevo . The enterprise board of directors has already created a revision committee which checks the charges brought against the general director and will draw preliminary conclusions already tomorrow.
Scandals round the Sheremetyevo hardly will end with summarising of competition which will take place on December, 17th. The management company should begin the work with struggle against the numerous commercial structures supervising service services in the Sheremetyevo, and also from attempt to return at least a part of the property transferred by the airport in centenary rent.