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Officials undertook ground actives

Inventory of the earths of Khabarovsk will come to the end till the end of 2003, mayor Alexander Sokolov has informed on it at the last session of board in city administration. As the town governor admitted, inventory and differentiation of the earths of Khabarovsk are necessary that into the municipal property have entered active that is economically effective ground areas. According to the head of department under ground relations of the ministry of property relations of Khabarovsk territory of Nikolay Frolov, the municipality has still a half a year on property increase, before acceptance of the federal law on local government. In city administration of Khabarovsk board session has taken place at the mayor concerning inventory and differentiation of the earths on property levels - federal, regional and municipal. At session there was a mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov and its assistants, and also representatives of departments of architecture and the municipal property of city administration, the Ministry of Property of Khabarovsk territory. As the mister Sokolov has informed, inventory of the earths will be finished in 2003, it is necessary to finish work in Krasnoflotsky and Railway areas. The mayor of Khabarovsk has explained that inventory - not end in itself, it is more important, that the municipal property included economically effective, active sites .
the Director of department of municipal city property Valery Lebeda has reported about a course of inventory and differentiation of the earths, having shown it on a card of Khabarovsk. He has told that proinventarizirovano already more than 18 thousand in hectare (80,4 % of the earths), is spent for it of more 5 million rbl. Officials have counted up that in 2004 in the budget of Khabarovsk will arrive as a result of inventory and differentiation of the earths of 22 million rbl. According to the director of department, differentiation process is spent in Khabarovsk on the basis of the federal law About state property differentiation on the earth . It operates only concerning the ground areas having cadastral number. Also in procedure do not participate more than 17 thousand sites in territory in 594,48 hectares given in the property. By estimates of municipal officials, in the city territory is about 85 thousand sites for which the municipal union - Khabarovsk can apply.
differentiation of the earths favourably for a city - in the municipal budget 50 %, and 100 % of taxes and a rent will arrive not. But thus local officials confuses that three levels of the power will dispose of the earth, and each of structures will be on - to define to the rules of rent and the earth property. Valery Lebeda has declared that The ministry of property relations of Khabarovsk territory is not ready to become the party under lease contracts of the state ground areas . The Head of department under ground relations of the regional Ministry of Property Nikolay Frolov has informed city officials that at them is about half a year on increase in the municipal property - before acceptance of the federal law on municipal self-management. Also he has promised that in the near future documents on differentiation of the ground areas will not send on the coordination to Moscow, because 400 years are necessary to the government of Russia to differentiate all .