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the Sheremetyevo uncontrolledly also needs a uniform chain of command
Igor Baranovsky
the vice-president of the company the Alpha - Eko
- Why the Alpha - Eko has decided to be engaged in aeroport business?
- the Airport is first of all the commercial project. Having analysed that condition in which there is a Sheremetyevo, having studied potential and non-realised reserves, we have understood that here there are good turns. If today a gain MASHA exceeds $100 million a year at profit in $20 million, if the airport to be engaged normally, these indicators already now can be increased twice. But if all control levers the Sheremetyevo terminal - 2, including service services to make under control to management turns can be even better.
unfortunately, now MASHAS is not uniform financially - economic model. It razdergannaja, the isolated structure taken away in parts in which each section leads the independent life. Such kinds of aeroport business as parking, hotels, food industrial complex, shops, refuellings, the VIP - the hall, is basically in private hands. Almost 75 % of business which is grouped round the Sheremetyevo, are not supervised by an airport management. And such situation has developed not only in Moscow. Therefore the airports earn basically on takes off and landing. And it contradicts world practice of conducting this business.
- whether the own airport of basing is necessary to national airline, in your opinion?
- a number of large airlines has own terminals, but they never ordered aerostation complexes, for example, in Paris or in Frankfurt. All of us perfectly understand that in Russia there is only one national carrier - Aeroflot . And we understand that if we will come to business MASHA our success will depend on those compromises and arrangements which will connect the Alpha - Eko and Aeroflot . If suddenly we win and we become a management company more than others we will be interested in successful, profitable and growing Aeroflot .
- Why you oppose the civil-engineering design airline of the terminal own forces?
- it is valid, I disapprove of this idea. Without all nuances of reconstruction and development of all sheremetevskogo an aerostation complex to build the new terminal it is impossible. There Should be a uniform accurate strategy of development of all knot, counted at least for a decade forward. The Sheremetyevo is not a communal flat where it is possible to be locked in the room on a key and to live happily.
it is necessary after all to think not only of own well-being, but also about the airport as a whole. MASHAS in its present configuration can serve 9 million passengers a year. At modernisation existing VPP the maximum volume of passenger traffic, according to experts, it is possible to increase only to 16 million passengers. And Domodedovo already can accept and send today to 20 million passengers a year. It is necessary to think over the future, of the third strip to which the new terminal, and not just about the present should be adhered.
- Perhaps, Russia should go the western way and to be engaged in privatisation of aeroport complexes of the country?
- Anything bad state property in privatisation I do not see. All over the world this process grows. But a question of privatisation of the Sheremetyevo, in my opinion, to discuss absolutely prematurely. MASHA the competent and rigid manager is simply necessary. Today passengers leave the serious sums at the airports, but they go to a pocket of various structures which live at the expense of the state property.
Unfortunately, the Sheremetyevo is uncontrolled, and the problem number one is a consolidation of all actives under a uniform chain of command. And not so it is important, who will be engaged in it - a management company or the state managers before whom it is necessary to put a problem on returning of actives.
interview took RINAT - GIZATULIN