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ZIL searches for the builder

municipal economy

As it became known, the department of a science and the industrial policy of Moscow declared competition on selection of investors for building business - an incubator in Nagatinsky pojme, in territory which now occupies ZIL. It is offered to potential builders to place on a platform of a premise of different function of 30 hectares for 7,5 thousand small and average enterprises. Thus annual cost of rent of these premises should not exceed $150 for 1 sq. m.
the Decision of the capital government About creation of the Moscow city technopark ` Nagatino - ZIL ` it has been signed in the end of September (told about it on October, 3rd). The document has defined conditions of withdrawal at ZILa parts of territory the area of 37 hectares under new building - business - an incubator for small and average business. Yesterday the department of a science and prompolitiki has begun mailing of invitations for participation in competition to potential investors of the Moscow city technopark (MGT).
the Site Nagatinsky pojmy represents the former channel of the river of Moscow, filled up at building ZILa that complicates carrying out of civil work. Therefore competition will be closed. licences for carrying out of special civil work of such level of complexity some organisations have all, and all of them will receive invitations to participation in competition - Veta Smotrikova has informed the chief of department of department of a science and prompolitiki.
the Main condition of the mayoralty - to observe construction appointment, that is to present the project of the multipurpose centre for the enterprises of small and average business with industrial both office premises and all infrastructure necessary for business dealing: from communications to a conference - halls. It is offered to designers to place in MGT 7,5 thousand raznoprofilnyh the enterprises. Thus cost of rent of the areas for them should make $100 - 150 for 1 sq. m a year.
the building area will make 30 hectares with prospect of expansion MGT to 64 hectares. The potential investor himself should define project cost (its recoupment should not exceed eight years), sources of financing and building terms. The winner of competition becomes the founder of Open Society the Moscow business - an incubator (MBI) to which functions of the investor, the customer, the builder and operational organisation MGT are assigned.
the Government of Moscow incurs clearing of territory ZILa and working out initially - allowing and design - the budget documentation. However, MBI it is necessary to compensate these expenses (more than 1,1 mlrd roubles). But for the investor the preferential rent for the earth - on 1,8 thousand roubles for hectare year, or 1 % of average on a city of the rent rate is established. Participation of the authorities in authorised capital stock MBI is not provided.
the Interrogated participants of the market say that following the results of competition will be defined a little soinvestorov the project, as the organisations having necessary licences ( mosinzhstroj Glavmospromstroj Mosvodokanal ) Do not specialise on independent investment projects. As their partners can act as the organisations which are engaged in office building (the SOU - 83, MSM - 5, MFS - 6, the SOU - 155), and the largest developer companies ( Inteko System the Tack and others). For a role of the organizational centre, probably, Joint-Stock Company " will apply; the Center of investment projects and programs (TSIPP), under control to businessman Grigory Luchansky. TSIPP is the founder of the Moscow automobile company under which management is ZIL, and the initiative to release a part of factory territory under business - the incubator belongs to the mister Luchansky. Yesterday in TSIPPe have declared that yet did not see competition conditions, but if they appear comprehensible, we will necessarily participate .