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Juan Pablo Montojja passes contracts in McLaren
the Colombian racer Juan Pablo Montojja upon termination of the World championship Formulas - 1 2004 will pass from Williams in McLaren. With such statement boss McLaren of Ron Dennis has acted. We wanted to catch for a long time so fast racer, as Juan Pablo. Such possibility has appeared, and to miss it would be silly, - mister Dennis has noted. - It is a pity only that it cannot pass to us now: at it yet has not expired period of validity of the contract with Williams .
Hearings about possible transition of the Colombian in McLaren plied throughout all championship of this year. The parties, truth, rejected the negotiating fact, but, according to sources inside McLaren, it became only because and to a command it was not possible to racer to agree about question financial side in any way. Now, apparently, all disagreements are settled. However, mister Dennis did not begin to inform, will receive how many Montojja in its command. He and who from present pilots McLaren will be dismissed has not told. But most likely, it is a question of David Coulthard who has spent rather faded season. Especially against the workmate Kimi Rajkkonena who has finished the championship on the second place.

San Antonio Spurs hunts for the Lithuanian
the Most valuable player of the European championship of 2003 Sharunasom Jasikjavichusom champion NBA San Antonio Spurs is interested. According to representatives of club, Spurs showed interest to talented playing even before signing of the annual contract by it with Israeli Maccabi. 27 - the summer Lithuanian who has won as a part of the national team continental superiority in Sweden, there has drawn to itself attention of selectors from - for ocean. However, despite all diligence Spurs, Jasikjavichus has accepted offer Maccabi, having excellent chances this year to win Euroleague.
nevertheless plans Spurs on - former include acquisition of the talented Lithuanian which is considered one of the best defenders in Europe. For example, in last Euroleague which he has won as a part of Spanish Barcelona, on the average for game of Jasikjavichus typed 13,4 points, did 3,2 transfers and 1,8 selections.