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The president has cancelled the YUKOS amendment

it is offered to Government to take petroduties in hand
the state lobbyism

Yesterday at meeting with members of the government Vladimir Putin has demanded to return to the government powers on regulation of export duties on energy carriers, first of all on oil products . vitse - prime minister Alexey Kudrin after a meeting at the president has tried to soften these words of mister Putin and has explained that the government will try to cancel simply again established in the law About custom duties 90 - a percentage threshold of export duties on the oil products, known in the State Duma as the YUKOS amendment .
Having met members of the government, Vladimir Putin first of all has remembered the promises to businessmen whom it distributed at XIII congress RSPP. On Friday mister Putin has promised for two years to transfer introduction to action of norm of the Ground code according to which the enterprises should redeem or rent the earth occupied with them. Then the president promised that already privatised enterprises should not redeem the earth on which they stand. Yesterday Vladimir Putin has informed on this promise to members of the government already less definitely: this problem very much excites Businessmen, they have not time to renew the ground areas, and not on the fault . Also has added: It is necessary for them to help . On Friday businessmen clapped to the president for this gift. The co-owner of the oil company of the multinational corporation - BP Victor Vekselberg on pleasures even assured that Khodorkovsky`s arrest has no relation to questions of oil branch, market economy and the rights of a private property .
Mister Vekselberg was mistaken - to the future of oil branch Michael Khodorkovsky`s arrest the relation all - taki has. He is Vladimir Putin has proved on Monday, having demanded from the government to achieve cancellation established in the law About custom duties restrictions on the size of export duties on the oil products, accepted by deputies in May, 2002. Under this law of the petroduty are established by the government on the basis of the average price for the Russian oil for two months. And the size of the duty on gasoline, black oil and diesel fuel cannot exceed 90 % from the duty on oil. The government always wanted manually to regulate duties on oil products, to avoid seasonal hunger of agricultural manufacturers and kommunalshchikov on diesel fuel and black oil. In the State Duma never especially hid that 90 - percentage restriction has got to the law About custom duties as a result of lobbying by its YUKOS. Moreover, in the beginning of this year the government even introduced the bill offering this restriction to cancel. But the governmental amendment hardly has been considered only on budgetary committee - it was necessary to exclude from the summons of plenary sessions of its State Duma, as the government could not find is minimum necessary poll in its support. The main counterargument of YUKOS was such: as export of crude oil is more effective than export of oil products, for export there are the oil products which have not found demand in home market. If the government enters, as a matter of fact, the prohibitive duty for export of any mineral oil, there will be an oil refining reduction. As a result instead of offer expansion in home market will occur opposite - there will be a deficiency not only diztopliva, but also gasoline and after this the prices will grow.
now neither to Michael Khodorkovsky, nor someone to another in YUKOS to be engaged in duties on oil products the lack of time. So words of the president: the Eye we will not have time to blink - spring field works will begin and will be necessary gorjuche - lubricants - the State Duma most likely will apprehend as the direct order, and voices for cancellation 90 - a percentage barrier will be found very quickly. Alexey Kudrin, probably, is assured of it, as yesterday has explained to the correspondent that at the moment of growth of seasonal requirements on duty fuel can be and above present, and in the rest of the time for indemnification of losses of their oil industry workers it is possible to reduce even below today`s level.
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