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In Moscow nobody wants to play

a federation Cup

the Captain of French national team on tennis of Gi Forzhe once again has declared that the International federation of tennis (ITF) has made a fatal flaw, having given to Moscow the right of carrying out of a final part of the Cup of federation with participation of four strongest national teams in female tennis. In the answer president ITF Franchesko Richchi Beatty has advised to players and functionaries of national teams not to poke the nose into other people`s affairs.
contenders of Russian national team on to the Ending of four - teams of the USA, and France - showed to Belgium discontent with position ITF since that moment as it has been decided to give decisive matches of the Cup of federation to Moscow. According to the second racket of the world of Kim Klijsters, in Russia tennis is completely not popular, to play to Moscow is uninteresting and is better tournament would be given by Belgium. About the same positions compatriot Kim Klijsters the first racket of the world Zhjustin Enen - Ardenness adheres also. Both, we will remind, as a result have refused to go to Moscow.
The less time remains prior to the beginning of semi-finals of the Cup of federation, the more often the question on a choice of a venue of tournament is taken out for public discussion. We will tell, the captain of French national team of Gi Forzhe has declared that considers decision ITF harmful to tennis and discrediting all Cup of federation. all a top - tennis-players were ready to go to Belgium. There we would see the present tennis. And so ITF, having pursued easy money, all has spoilt - mister Forzhe has declared.
In the answer president ITF Franchesko Richchi Beatty has noticed that he does not intend to allow players and trainers to impose the position to operating bodies. we respect the decision of Kim Klijsters and Zhjustin Enen - Ardenness, - he has told. - do not want to play - it is not necessary. But I want to direct attention to one aspect: tennis is both sports, and business simultaneously. And ITF does everything that this business prospered. That separate sportsmen, not too important about it think. Eventually, I do not understand, than Moscow is worse than any other city. In the Russian capital every year and at rather high level competitions ATP and WTA are held. Moscow accepted a cup-final of Devisa in 1995. Tennis, believe, in Russia it is rather popular. So why not to spend a final part of the Cup of federation there?
Reaction of the Russian side to a demarche from mister Forzhe (we will remind that French national team in a semi-final should play just with our command) left enough rigid. As the captain of Russian national team Shamil Tarpischev believes, the discontent of Frenchmen is caused by that their chances of success are insignificant. Forzhe in advance searches for justifications to the defeat, - Shamil Tarpischev has noted. - that before refusals of Klijsters and Enen - Ardenness it is their problem and modular Belgium, and in any way ours .
Preparation for tournament goes in the meantime the turn, and to a past week-end in sport centre Olympic Official trainings of commands have begun. Their representatives in the not numerous comments name favourites of Russians, referring that at our command the most equal structure. However Shamil Tarpischev in the habitual careful manner has noticed that anything is yet clear. command tennis, especially female, - the phenomenon which is not giving in to forecasting, - has told it. - I do not share opinion of those who, for example, considers a match Russia - France as the preschedule ending. Though in this meeting much will dare .
That to readiness of the Russian tennis-players for a match and possible tactical variants which will be used then while there are more than questions, than answers. our tennis-players have approached to tournament in a different condition. Anastasia Myskina has spent very successful season, but has spent for it many forces. To it, as well as Elena Dementevoj, it is hard to understand that in single games on them the main hope. Nadezhda Petrova did not train some days from - for illnesses. We assume to give it a place in a pair meeting, and here who will be its partner - while a question. We strum some variants, the duet structure will depend on results of singles - the captain of Russian national team has told.