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Incorporated Arabian negotiations

Vladimir Putin has reduced the king of Jordan with the head of the Joint Staff of the United Arab Emirates

Today to Moscow there arrives on a visit the king of Jordan Abdalla II. It already its fourth arrival to Russia after crowning in 1999. Abdalla II except mutual relations is traditional discusses in Moscow questions palestino - the Israeli settlement and a situation round Iraq. Last themes excite also the head of the Joint Staff of armed forces of the United Arab Emirates of sheikh Mohammed ben with Zaida who will be in Moscow simultaneously with the Jordanian king. Therefore on Wednesday Vladimir Putin will receive in the Kremlin visitors from the Near East simultaneously.
by data, the initiative of data of two meetings in one proceeded personally from the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. Have been taken into consideration, in - the first, similarity of the questions planned to discussion, in - the second, a principle of economy of time of the Russian leader. One of the main general questions, first of all interesting Moscow, concerns Vladimir Putin`s recent initiative about the introduction of Russia into the organisation Islamic conference (OIK) which active members are Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Moscow counts on official support of Amman and Abu - Dabi in reception of the status of the observer in OIK.
Of Moscow also are going to convince king Abdallu II and sheikh Mohammed ben to Zaida to promote the forced restoration of the sovereignty of Iraq and delegation of power in this country in hands of the Iraq administrative structures. After the Saturday decision of the USA to refuse the power in Iraq in the summer of the next year this aspect, apparently, will have purely legal character. It is more difficult to achieve from visitors from the Near East of an unanimous support of necessity of involving in the Iraq settlement of the United Nations. Are too disappointed in the Arabian world by displays of weakness of this organisation.
But discussion palestino - the Israeli situation promises complete unanimity. Moscow is going and to advance further the idea bezalternativnosti the plan the Road map in Near-Eastern settlement. Under the information, in the Kremlin remained are dissatisfied with results of last attempts to incline in Moscow the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to bolshemu to realism . In conversation with the Jordanian monarch and emiratskim the sheikh the criticism of a hard line of Israel who insists on pervoocherednosti the terminations of the Palestinian terror and only is expected after that is ready to subject negotiations about creation of the Palestinian state. It is possible to assume that interlocutors substantially will agree with necessity of political support Palestinian the prime minister - minister Ahmed Kurei and encouragement of its efforts on overcoming of inertness of head of an autonomy of Yasser Arafat in a question of bridling of extremist forces of Palestinian autonomy.
In the attention centre there will be also the Syrian question, which decision as it is represented to Moscow, lies in a plane of settlement of crisis relations between the USA and Syria means of multilateral diplomacy. In the Arabian world are afraid that Damascus becomes the following victim of antiterrorist campaign of the USA. To rescue Syria from repetition of destiny of Iraq, according to many analysts, Russia which diligently warms up this idea can only.