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The Russian Railway will go round exempts the party

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Yesterday has been declared plans the Russian railways (Russian Railway) to develop transportation of passengers on bezdotatsionnym to quotations. The company intends to master next year 70 lines, on which tickets will be on sale without discounts and privileges. Profitability of transportations on them more than 20 %. This experience will be extended and to the suburban message. The first suburban route on which the ticket price will correspond to real cost of transportation of the passenger, will open between Moscow and district Mytischi.
for ten months 2003 of Open Society of the Russian Railway has earned on suburban transportations 5,2 mlrd roubles, and has spent for them 26,4 mlrd roubles. Thus subjects of the Russian Federation compensated the companies of 32,8 % of the general losses (7 mlrd roubles). The Russian Railway have transported from January till October more than 1 mlrd passengers (on 1 % more than in 2002).
Passenger transportations are unprofitable not only for domestic, but also for the majority of the world railways. In Russia the suburban message is most unprofitable: on the average on the enclosed rouble of the Russian Railway receives from passengers only 20 copecks. Under the full tariff (approximately 70 % from the cost price) buy tickets only 25 % of citizens. On break-even level suburban transportations should leave at the expense of compensatory payments of the regional authorities which are customers of transportations. However these payments are rather irregular, and the Russian Railway does not dare to punish defaulters, having cancelled a part of routes.
according to the vice-president of the Russian Railway Sergey Kozyreva supervising passenger transportations, the company and in relations with regions counts further only on belief methods. Thus on the most perspective routes of the Russian Railway now creates actually parallel network of transportations on the basis of high-speed trains of the raised comfort. For example from Moscow such 49 routes are at present entered into Ryazan, Bryansk, Yaroslavl and Kaluga, from Chita in the Uhlan - Ude already. The line Voronezh - Ryazan One of these days will open, and in 2004 of the Russian Railway will start 20 more routes, among which Moscow - Vyazma, Voronezh - Rostov, Belgorod - Kharkov, Yaroslavl - Cherepovets, Minvody - Krasnodar, Rostov - Minvody, Nizhni Novgorod - Kazan, Sverdlovsk - Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk - Tyumen, the Uhlan - Ude - Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk - Magnitogorsk. These are lines in the extent 100 - 500 km on which the train goes no more than five hours. According to representatives of the company, on such routes of a train will successfully compete to aviatransportations. Average profitability of these lines already makes today 24 % as privilege tickets on them is not on sale.
experience of the organisation of high-speed routes will be transferred and on the suburban message. Tariffs for journey in electric trains - express trains which in the end of December - the beginning of January will start to go between Moscow and Mytischi, will be up to standard of the cost price of transportations. No privileges, including for railwaymen, will operate here. To name guiding price of the ticket Moscow - Mytischi mister Kozyrev while refuses - tariffs yet have not passed all necessary coordination. But as he said, along with express trains between capital and suburb will continue to go and usual electric trains which exempts can use.