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The concert for a two

Has opened Oleg Kagana`s festival
a concert music

In Moscow in the Big hall of conservatory the international musical festival " has opened; Dedication to Oleg Kaganu . At a concert has visited the BARBARIAN - turova.
the festival which is organised a fourth year by the widow of the violinist successively, does not have any concept are simply chamber and symphony concerts of friends, acquaintances and Oleg Kagana`s pupils. The blessing Natalia Gutman, one of the best violoncellists of the world, collects round itself remarkable musicians. Together with it festivals play Eliso Virsaladze, Victor Tretjakov, Yury Bashmet, ensemble Hortus Musicus and the whole crowd of musical youth. This year the structure of participants is slightly more modest last year`s when have arrived oboist Francois Lele, Kohl Blaher`s violinist, clarinettist Edward Brunner and other foreign stars. But interesting all the same weight. For example, Alexey Ljubimov with White kontsertino modern Latvian composer George Peletsisa and Victor Tretjakov with Natalia Gutman which will close festival Koncherto Grosso for a violin and a violoncello with an orchestra of Shnitke.
Natalia Gutman takes part practically in all concerts. And opening became thanking its duet with Eliso Virsaladze one of the brightest events not only festival, but, probably, and all musical season. In the concert program Beethoven, Strauss and Rakhmaninov`s sonatas have been executed. Gutman and Virsaladze have changed together already so much everything that would be strange to be surprised to perfection of their ensemble. But, nevertheless, each their joint performance amazes with quality, edinomysliem and as though doubled musicality.
from Beethoven`s first notes it became clear: both performers that is called, in blow. Most of all this execution has reminded jazz concerts, improvisation, conversation of two high quality musicians. Beethoven`s sonata as if still has been never written - simply Natalia and Eliso has sat down to have a talk. Also have communicated grandly, it is thin and it is witty. That has occurred to executors further, already from area of skill of transformation.
in magnificent romanticism of a sonata of Strauss Gutman and Virsaladze felt not less confidently, than in strict cleanliness of the Viennese classicism. It is necessary to notice that, unlike Beethoven`s sonata in which has pleased complete unanimity of performers, in Strauss were clearly audible two absolutely different lines of thought to business. More likely to Natalia Gutman`s tragical interpretation, Eliso Virsaladze has opposed vital, strong, and together it has made stunning impression. Two different roads musicians have come to one purpose, having forced the spoilt Moscow public to stand, as in circus.
in the second branch played Rakhmaninov`s sonata, and here where was porydat. Most difficult Eliso Virsaladze - not only from - for enchanting complexities of piano party was necessary. It had to change once again the image and from youthful maximalism of a sonata of Strauss to pass to executed experience, knowledge and, as consequence, hopelessness to Rakhmaninov`s sonata.
and when encore after all it Natalia Gutman and Eliso Virsaladze have indifferently played cheerful bethovenskie variations on Handel`s theme, doubts does not remain: two great actresses remarkably played all the evening long. Different roles.
the following concert of festival - today in the Rahmaninovsky hall of conservatory.