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Cancans and pickets in honour of an anniversary of cinema

As already informed, celebrating 100 - letija cinema in Russia which, under the government decision, is spent in Petersburg has begun. To a city has arrived about three hundred visitors: actors and directors, the Moscow film press, and also members of Federal council about cinema from all country. On May, 6th on a building Lenfilm the memorial board in memory of the first film display at theatre of a pleasure garden " has been opened; the Aquarium on which place now the oldest Russian film studio also settles down. Within the precincts of its fourth pavilion (were aquarian ) The big and various anniversary exhibition has taken place: posters and photos, suits and furniture, a requisite and breadboard models from a museum and from warehouses Lenfilm . Specially to this exposition director Alexander Sokurov has made devoted to the classic of domestic cinema Grigory Kozintsevu a film - supervision which is silently broadcast on a video monitor in a mode non - stop. The dramatized representation including a cancan from the French operetta " has taken place; Alfred - the pasha in Paris then, as well as hundred years ago, on the screen have arisen korotkometrazhki brothers of Ljumer. Their compatriot Sofi Marso, and also her husband, director Andrzej Zhulavsky (as it is known, the actress now in Petersburg acts in film in Anna Karenina`s role) became the guest of a holiday very opportunely. The holiday has collected cinematographers of different generations and trades. The number of present celebrities has caused the playful remark of chairman of the board SK of Petersburg of Vitaly Melnikova: Such mass meeting in this hall was never for last hundred years . In the evening in Aleksandrinke the solemn meeting, anything special not caused a stir has taken place. The unexpectedness has occurred at an input in theatre: workers of the Petersburg studio scientifically - popular films have arranged picket, making to the protest against a disastrous condition of educational cinema in general and the studio, in particular. The fourth festival is dated for anniversary days Vivat, cinema of Russia! usually passing in August. Therefore city visitors will not only celebrate, but also to work: 8 - go and on May, 9th at 24 cinemas charitable prime ministers and " will take place; the second prime ministers ten domestic films and the sessions devoted to a Victory Day before which actors will meet spectators. The program provides also 15 retrospective shows of classics Soviet and masters of the Russian cinema, display of children`s pictures, celebrating 30 - letija a film Ajbolit - 66 . The festival has opened on May, 7th Battleship Returning Gennady Poloki. It was supposed that on closing on May, 9th it will be given the Caucasian captive Sergey Bodrov, but the arrived instructions on inexpediency of display of a film this day have moved it on Victory Day eve. Celebrations are financed by the government, the great number of sponsors is involved also.
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the Breakfast on asphalt
on April, 28th in nju - jorkskom the Lincoln - the centre Rodion Schedrin`s new product performed by the Trio of a name of Tchaikovsky for the first time has sounded. Alexander Brusilovsky, Anatoly Liberman and Konstantin Bogino have brought it directly from Milan where they some days before it played a premiere of a new trio to great pleasure of public and full satisfaction of the composer. Our correspondent Victor Hatutsky testifies that in New York the success was a little more muffled - whether there was no Rodion Schedrin and Maji Plisetskaya, whether music not so corresponded to mood of listeners. The first part of a trio, Le dejeuner sur l ` herbe, reminding is not so much Manet`s cloth, how many early Poulenc`s aesthetics, badly matched the asphalted Manhattan. And on Russian parade a bit reminding Stravinsky, in 11 o`clock in the morning on Sunday simply there was no vivacity (as the day before to half second night translation of anniversary evening of James Livajna from Metropolitan lasted). However, shutovskoj number inserted into this part, - the detail should conceal, how a detective outcome, - has forced public to start in armchairs. Schedrin`s brilliant professionalism was available: the composer with such riches of associations and stylistic gift would decorate the best American university and repertoire of leading orchestras. New product in the program was preceded by Aaron Koplenda`s piano trio - an etude Vitebsk on the Jewish theme, rare for the singer of open spaces of the American West the reference to its backward roots. Closed the program of a trio of Sour cream.
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the exhibition " Has opened; Nikolay Akimov and its pupils
In sankt - the Petersburg Central showroom (Arena) the exhibition dated to 95 - letiju one of the most well-known Leningrad theatrical directors, the founder of Comedy theatre and brilliant teacher Nikolay Akimova is opened. Long time were a cult figure Leningrad okoloteatralnoj intelligency, it remains till now almost an axiom of connection of the director and the set designer in one person. With shine combining two basic theatrical trades of the XX-th century, demanding from the actors of the maximum conformity to idea sintetizma, it at the same time has not introduced in theatre of so revolutionary ideas as Mejerhold, and has not created so pure theatrical form, as Tairov. Its theatre just as, however, both its painting and a drawing, always remained within the limits of the strong realistic tradition quite permitting some formal deviations. Not without reason performances under plays - to Evgenie Schwarz`s fairy tales where the genre assumed some formalistic liberties were the most well-known statements of Akimova. At an exhibition to Manezhe Akimov it is presented such: true pupil Jakovleva and Shuhaeva, very professional, but rather reserved painter found, but without innovation the schedule - the poster artist, the talented teacher. Akimov has created the school of theatrical artists, many of which steels outstanding public figures of the Leningrad (Petersburg) picturesque school as a whole. The exhibition opens the well-known scenery of Akimova to Shades (40 - e years, Comedy theatre) also comes to an end with works of pupils of the director: Oleg Tselkova, Igor Tjulpanova, Alexander Rapaporta, Evgenie Mihnova - Vojtenko and others. Such construction is represented quite pertinent, and art tradition - obvious. And the myth created by Akimovym about, appears marvellously hardy.
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Architecture from small to XL
In Rotterdam left monumental research of Rema Kulhaasa on architecture. Work of one of the most known European architects occupies almost one and a half thousand pages and is called S, M, L, XL - so, by analogy to clothing sizes, it classifies architectural constructions. Being simultaneously the book for reading, an album of illustrations and the dictionary, S, M, L, XL Summarises the famous publications on architecture and announces occurrence of a new genre - the architectural novel. Connection of the different fragments, a known composition method of modern architecture, becomes a structural principle of the book. The reader gets for trade side scenes, gets acquainted with methods and receptions of architects and studies in their identification in the built up world. To give entertaining to the to the novel Kulhaas also places objects on the size. He devotes everyone the critical analysis, tells the different stories connected with destiny of the project, nearby places extracts from diaries, travelling notes, drawings, photos of breadboard models and, at last, pictures of buildings. The extensive dictionary of the book from abolish to zoom ratio gives representation first of all about personal predilections and tastes of Kulhaasa. The criticism named this book grasping, recognising, however, that most likely there will be not many interested persons to see this monster on the shelf.
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Luzhkov has disposed to hold Alexander Shilova`s exhibition
It will pass in the Small Arena in June, 1996 with a view of wide popularisation of the domestic fine arts and preservation of a national cultural heritage . Exhibition financing (500 million rbl.) is made at the expense of reserve fund of the government of Moscow. Publishing house the Fine arts should make the catalogue, invitation cards and exhibition posters.