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The prices of the world markets of wood

the Spring well operates on brokers

Trade in wood has considerably quickened for last two weeks. The price of the nearest contracts (May) has grown in this time on $26 for one thousand wood foots, and July contracts have risen in price in total for $20. Strengthening of the cash market - for builders became the reason of activization of dealers wood on Chicago Mercantile Exchange and, accordingly, for wholesale dealers at last - that has come vesenne - a summer season. Besides, stocks lesopererabotchikov and wholesalers are not so great, as they would like, and consequently industrial pererabotchiki agree to buy woodlands necessary for their practically at any price. They well realise that at the height of a building season of the price anyway will be above, than now. Professional players also have increased the activity as do not want to miss so an opportunity to play on deficiency of building wood.
the sharp price hike on Chicago Mercantile Exchange has occurred on May, 1st when July contracts on wood of coniferous breeds have risen in price on as much as possible admissible by rules of a stock exchange size - for $10 to $355,90 for one thousand wood foots. May contracts for which there is no growth limit, have risen in price this day for $13,70 to $364,30, and during the day their quotations rose still above - to $366,60. Hyperactivity of brokers was marked and next day when the prices of the nearest contracts have again grown on $10, and then began to fall as a result of technical updating.
the subsequent some days Chicago bulls had obviously a rest after the achieved success, and the prices fluctuated in narrow limits. But it was only a short respite, instead of cardinal change of a situation in the market. On Monday on May, 6th quotations of May futures have reached the highest point since July, 1994 - one thousand wood foots of wood of soft grades cost on CME $372,80. To closing of the auctions the price has a little gone down to $372,60, but it has all the same appeared on $3,70 above, than the day before.

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