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Column Misfortunes

As has reported Interfax - Eurasia on Monday in Alapaevsk area of Sverdlovsk area in village Samkino has completely burnt down a high school building. The school has been calculated on 150 pupils. The cause of the fire and a damage are not established yet. Victims are not present.
Large forest fire has occurred in the Miassky forest area (the Chelyabinsk area), informed agency Interfax - Eurasia . To extinguish this fire yet it is not possible. At present in the Miassky forest area has burnt out about 400 hectares of wood.
about 400 fires has occurred in Tatarii during the period from May, 1 till May, 4th, has reported Interfax - Eurasia . In connection with droughty weather in republic the fire-dangerous situation was established. Fire of suburban woods have become frequent.
in connection with flooding on jugo - the east of the Australian staff of Kuinslend the emergency situation is declared, has reported Reuter. The torrential rains which were not stopping last of some days, have led to flood of the rivers in Kuinslende and the New Southern Wales. Thousand houses remained without the electric power, hundreds people have been compelled to leave the dwellings. One person was lost, three were missing. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, within the next few days rains in region will not stop.
according to agency Reuter, more than 80 persons have sunk at coast Sierra - Leon near to the city of Lungi as a result of passenger ship wreck. The overloaded vessel with 200 passengers, following in capital of Guinea Conakry, has turned over after at it the engine has refused.
the Associated Press agency has informed on the fire which has flashed in the overflowed passenger bus on highway near to Calcutta (India). 12 passengers were lost, 17 persons with burns of various severity level have been hospitalised. The majority of passengers (all them was 90 though the bus is calculated only on 60) has been rescued by local residents. The ignition reason is established.
as has reported Reuter, as a result of storm rains the powerful landslip has descended at night on the small town Danubio located in a hilly terrain on jugo - the West of Colombia. At least five persons were lost. Some tens apartment houses are destroyed. 110 townsmen remained without a roof over the head. The stream of a dirt and stones has blocked road to a city that complicates delivery there medicines. Rescuers have arrived to a scene by the helicopter.
strong fires continue to storm in steppes of Mongolia despite efforts of thousand firemen, informs Reuter. The strong wind and dry weather aggravate position. From the middle of April from fires 17 persons were lost. Fire has destroyed 80 000 2 wood and pastures. Was lost about 6000 beasts. On struggle against fire military divisions and police are directed. In a province of Arhangaj more than 1000 persons have been compelled to leave the houses. At present the damage put by fires, is estimated in $1,8 billion
Bodies of two persons, victims as a result of accident of easy plane Cessna 310, have been found out in the sea near to airport Los - Andzhelesa, informed Associated Press agency. Onboard the plane which has failed in water there were four persons. Before wreck the pilot has had time to inform on malfunctions in the landing mechanism.