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Problems Ufa MPO

Renault Engines became the contention reason

a joint-stock company Management the Ufa engine-building production association (UMPO) - the basic supplier of engines for cars the Muscovite - has directed to Boris Yeltsin and Victor Tchernomyrdin the unusual reference. Its essence is reduced to the request to prevent joint-stock company plans the Muscovite (were AZLK) to equip the cars with Renault engines.

the Unlucky car
According to general director UMPO who has signed the reference Vladimir Parashchenko, the joint-stock company transaction the Muscovite from Renault will not simply touch interests of home producers, and will have the most catastrophic consequences for the Russian industry. Refusal of use of the Ufa engines can cause a stop and ruin not only automobile manufacture UMPO, but also not less than 50 Ural and Siberian factories - manufacturers of accessories. According to Vladimir Parashchenko, UMPO already today can offer the workings out which in many respects are not conceding to the world standards and quite capable to revive demand for cars the Muscovite .

the Basic production of joint-stock company the Ufa engine-building production association engines for military planes are. The joint-stock company structure includes the Ufa factory of automobile motors which are letting out engines for joint-stock company the Muscovite and joint-stock company Izhmash . Last year the factory which capacities are calculated on manufacture of 420 thousand engines in a year, has let out all 75 thousand motors.

many consider that unlike Volg or the Zhiguli Which release is conducted within the limits of uniform industrial complexes, to Muscovites has not carried. In 60 - h years engines have started to make for them in Ufa, and cars in Moscow and Izhevsk gathered. Complexities in this strange scheme of industrial cooperation has added also that UMPO Minaviapromu has been subordinated, AZLK - Minavtopromu, and Izhmash - Minoboronpromu of the USSR. As a result three enterprises making as a matter of fact one production, had no general interests. Designers and verifiers of motors worked in Moscow, technologists and production workers in Ufa, on Izhmash in general in engines were interested a little. Such dissociation has led in due course to rather negative consequences. AZLK, having gone on enormous expenses, has tried to create in Moscow own motor manufacture, and UMPO, up to last time were only the executor of plans AZLK, has created the konstruktorsko - the technological centre.
However then it was found out that issued over thirty years on end polutoralitrovye motors for Muscovites conducting the origin from BMW engine - 1500 60 - h years, have definitively become outdated. And to primary technological dissociation of the enterprises serious financial disagreements were added - AZLK began to pay off with ufimtsami for engines extremely irregularly, and that basically by means of own cars.
meanwhile sharp falling of interest of buyers to the car " became the basic problem; the Muscovite . Today factory price of the Izhevsk M - 412 makes 23 million rbl., the Muscovite - 2141 costs to 27,5 million rbl., and preparing on Izhmash to serial release the Orbit (Izh - 2126) - 40 million rbl. Approximately will cost as much and new Moscow model the Muscovite - 2142 . For the same money buyers prefer to get more modern and reliable cars Autovase . As a result, under available data, in Izhevsk, recently sell only one - two cars in a month. Remain not claimed and motors to them - in warehouses UMPO has now accumulated about 4 thousand engines.
in this situation as considers and. And the assistant to general director UMPO Alexander Kitov, for an overcoming the crisis it is necessary to carry out an island of the director of the Ufa factory of automobile motors two measures: considerably to lower cost and to raise consumer qualities Muscovites .
According to Kitova, the first problem ufimtsy solve, their possibilities how much allow - cost of motors delivered by them is lowered to a minimum and makes no more than 20 - 22 % from a total cost of the car. Only 5 % from engine UMPO cost receive as profit. However since April, 1st ufimtsy have still lowered cost of production of motors. So, according to Alexander Kitova, cheaper motors are not present today, and to search for the further ways of reduction in price of cars follows in Moscow and Izhevsk.

iridescent prospects with sad consequences
As to quality of engines about it Alexander Kitov suggests to talk separately. As he said, old, noncompetitive updating it is given up as a bad job. Some years ago UMPO has created own design centre, which together with joint-stock company the Muscovite works over improvement of let out engines. After long and ineffectual negotiations from Porsche about joint working out and manufacture of absolutely new motor, UMPO has added to the arsenal experience Mersedes - Benz. It has been decided not to spend means and time for manufacture of the new engine, and to be engaged in modernisation of the available. Confidence of correctness of the chosen way ufimtsam representatives Mersedes - Benz which after comprehensive investigation of motors UMPO have declared possibility of their further modernisation and increase of capacity of base model to 130 l have added. With.
as a result in the shortest terms the whole family of petrol motors, according to experts UMPO, quite competitive in the Russian market has been developed. In 1995 have been laid definitively off polutoralitrovye engines and there is begun release of engines with working volume 1,6 and 1,7 litres. Besides, under the personal request of the general director of joint-stock company the Muscovite Yury Borodina there has been begun manufacture of engines in volume of 1,8 litres calculated on nizkooktanovoe fuel. Now in Ufa release prepares is skilled - industrial party 12 - klapannyh engines with system of microprocessor management of fuel and ignition injection. In this project besides joint-stock company the Muscovite and joint-stock company Izhmash Participate Scientifically - research automotor institute, joint-stock company EGA PEKAR the Austrian firm AVL, English Perkins. Ufa prepares for release of diesel engines for microtrucks and automobile cars and solves a question of use of natural gas as fuel for cars.
the most perspective working out of the Ufa factory of automobile motors considers today the two-litre engine which analogues in Russia while are not present. Now active attempts to interest in its use of manufacturers of cars in the CIS are undertaken: Autovases avtokam PermAvto UAZ, LuAZ and avtozaz . The engine has already passed tests for VAZ - 21291. By calculations of experts UMPO, association specialisation in the future on release of powerful engines in volume from 1,6 to 2 litres presumes to receive to it large orders from the Russian automobile factories.
But now realisation of all these plans is under the threat. It is connected with joint-stock company intention the Muscovite to buy for the cars Renault engines. In opinion ufimtsev, thus the Muscovite cares of advertising of the cars more. Heads UMPO rather emotionally assert that the union the Muscovite from Renault it is similar to attempt to solve a problem ` not from that end `. Not the secret that simple installation even ` gold ` the engine on this car cannot lead to sharp improvement of its consumer qualities . Arguments about " are resulted; rather weak transmission unadapted for other engines, except for the Ufa. Separate arrangements of the Moscow factory can cross out plans of completion of the general design of the car, already preparing and quite realizable in short terms joint forces UMPO and joint-stock company the Muscovite .

Last arguments
the Certificate of that relations between old partners - joint-stock company the Muscovite and UMPO - have become aggravated to a limit, there were statements ufimtsev that Yury Borodin takes away work from the Russian manufacturers and gives its French. It is known that joint-stock company the Muscovite already concluded from Renault the contract on delivery of 5 thousand engines, is going to buy in the near future in France 40 thousand more motors. In opinion ufimtsev not only that as a result of this step local manufacture will be doomed to disorder, - before joint-stock company the Muscovite shortly there will be a question on sale of a part of the actions to foreign firm. Other means of calculation with the foreign partner at huge chronic debts against the Russian accessory manufacturers hardly will manage to be found (if the Russian enterprises in the absence of alternative are compelled to go for indulgences to the Muscovite By calculations, such prospect hardly will seduce foreign firm).
According to Vladimir Parashchenko who is also the president of Federation of commodity producers of Bashkortostan, the way out should consist in the state support of the program of revival of the Russian motor industry. Today it is necessary to think of the future of the Russian manufacturers, instead of to aggravate and without that landslide expansion of the foreign automobile companies, aspiring to occupy key positions at those Russian autoenterprises on which all depend the others. UMPO intend to continue the cooperation with joint-stock company the Muscovite . Creation with the assistance of the state financially - industrial group or concern which would provide closer in comparison with today`s joint-stock company integration " could become one of means of a solution of a problem; the Muscovite and UMPO. The financial structure necessarily should participate In such concern, capable to impulse manufacture development. Financial position most UMPO, unfortunately, not better, than at the Moscow colleagues of association (it svjazanno mainly with absence this year the state order for the basic military aviaproduction). Allocation by the Bashkir government in the beginning of year 18 mlrd rbl. on support of automobile manufacture became a unique gleam for it.
it is not excluded that Muscovites and ufimtsy can find common language by means of such measure, as interchange popular today by share holdings. As to UMPO, 50 % of its actions belong today to labour collective and other participants of the closed subscription, 35 % - to the state and 15 % - to other holders. In any variant the only stipulation of cooperation UMPO and joint-stock company the Muscovite should become, in opinion ufimtsev, an accurate priority of the home producer. Than will end attempt to draw attention of the top management of the country to these problems of the Russian auto makers, it will be possible to judge on, whether the following contract " will be concluded; the Muscovite from Renault.