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Interview to the first deputy

During the last years was possible to the Russian Service of external investigation almost impossible - it not only, unlike other domestic special services, has avoided not always justified, but always painful reorganisation and certifications, but also has managed to create an image of organisation quite respectable, legislative and standing away from political dismantlings. SVR never publicly was exposed to the sharp criticism of the political country leaders. But, as the scouts told to the correspondent, any weekly direct report to the president of director SVR or its the first zama has not been passed. And vlijatelnost investigations proves to be true already what the position of this service was in many respects defining during decision-making on a position of Russia concerning expansion of the NATO or integration into the CIS.
many inhabitants of a complex to Yasenevo have apprehended Evgenie Primakov`s leaving not bravely. But appointment as director SVR of personnel scout Vyacheslav Trubnikova which Primakov systematically prepared for itself on change, became for them, certainly, the best variant, and normal cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in general is a basis of successful activity of investigation. And now, after four months after personnel shifts in SVR, it is possible to ascertain that they have passed almost without serious consequences. Rather successful there was also an appointment as the first deputy director Alexey ShCherbakova, having good communications in the government and the industry. Besides, already in itself increase of the person supervising economic and scientifically - technical investigations, testifies that SVR is capable to react adequately to changing conditions in the world and effectively to provide interests of the country in the most different spheres. And at any mode.