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The economic policy of regions

to Take out currency it is impossible even from Samara

the Federal authorities struggle with leaks of currency from the country. And the regional authorities struggle with its leaks from the regions even more actively. The meeting held by the Samara regional administration about toughening of currency control in area has confirmed it especially visually.

In struggle for currency control at federal level like there would come a respite. The Central Bank, for example, has withdrawn not so long ago the offers on introduction of a joint liability of importers and banks for delivery of the import goods with an advance payment. It was supposed that commercial banks will compensate to the state of loss from a fictitious advance payment of the import goods, and has refused this idea of the Central Bank only after banks frankly were indignant. But at regional level struggle against currency leaks endures the present blossoming. It is enough to remember present plans of Tatar president Mintimer Shaymiev to forbid the local enterprises to hold an export gain in banks outside of republic.
the meeting held by the Samara governor Konstantin Titov has appeared extremely a vivid example of revival of regional currency control. From its hot performance followed that the Samara region leak of currency from area prevents to achieve prosperity only. we take the fifth place in Russia on volume of foreign investments, and following the results of 1995 we managed to raise the external economic turn to $3 mlrd, - Titov has declared. - however from - for concealments of a currency gain, its transfer into accounts of foreign banks, infringements of the legislation on currency transactions, the area loses uses of offshore zones about $35 million a year . The main infringers at meeting have been named by joint-stock company Aviabarks joint-stock company motorostroitel joint-stock company Sintezkauchuk .
Formally to take out currency from area like it is impossible to forbid. Moreover, regional amateur performance calls into question a priority of the federal authorities in currency regulation. However, strangely enough, the representatives of federal bodies who were taking part in meeting, - chief GU the Central Bank across the Samara region Victor Danilin authorised by Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Russian Federation on Volga region region Anatoly Nazhivov and the head of the Srednevolzhsky regional centre currency - export control of Russia Anatoly Nefedov - with Titov did not argue and even have informed that last year the regional centre currency - export control was possible manage about $4 million Encouraged governor has called all bankers, exporters and importers to listen to an appeal of administration and to stop flowing off of capital for area limits. And not consent Titov has informed that on all infringers the databank is got. we will include the counter and it is cruel to punish guilty - he has declared.