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Room thieves

Schoolboys are arrested militiamen OVD " wanted to open traffic in arms

Yesterday in Moscow; Falcon mountain have detained three teenagers who have robed on May, 2nd apartment. At a search in a residence of one of them - the pupil 11 - go Sergey Duljasova`s class - detectives have found out the whole warehouse of fire-arms and ammunition.

on May, 2nd in capital one of apartments in the house #38 on Shcherbakovsky street has been plundered. Owners have learnt about theft every other day - when have returned from a summer residence. It was found out that thieves have carried away all jewelry, and also audio - and video equipment. Victims have addressed with the statement in 31 - e police station. Militiamen quickly have found criminals and yesterday them have detained. They had appeared the pupil of the eleventh class of one of the Moscow schools 18 - summer Sergey Duljasov, its neighbour, unemployed Alexander Dmitrenko, and their friend, 16 - summer Michael Kuzmin.
Apartments of arrested persons have searched. At Duljasova field investigators have found a part of the stolen things and the weapon: a TT pistol, a revolver, 300 cartridges of calibre of 9 mm, a manual grenade and 15 pomegranates for podstvolnogo grenade cup discharge AK.
As law enforcement officers have told to the correspondent, check of participation of arrested persons to several similar thefts now is conducted. On the first interrogation all three have declared that the weapon have bought in Moscow suburbs as required to resell more expensively.